My chemical romance, who likes them?

Who all likes my chemical romance??/??

I do!!

Answer #1

um my chemical romance is the best band ever, was is and will 4ever be (at least in my opinion lol) their old stuff was good and so was their new. the black parade IS good! what the fck are u people saying?? THEY DID NAWT SELL US OUT!!! your THE ONES WHO DID IT TO THEM!!! some loyal fans you people turned out to be… augh!! >.< gerard has said that after the black parade he grew tired of it and is coming out the way he used to be with a new album in 2009. so they went on a break for a year?? give the poor guys a break.. they probally want to be with their wives and girlfriends and live more normally!! I mean, mikey & gerard are already married if they are always riiting new songs then they’ll end up like miley cyrus who people will grow tired of seeing all the f-in time!! if you want the old gerard way and mcr back then wait, unless… your nawt a true fan -.- and your some unloyal fckin poser!!! don’t go around saying that people who listen to the black parade is a poser. you don’t know these people so grow up. btw-im nawt yelling at the person who asked the question lol…I just get affensive when anyone tlks bad about mcr, im 1 of their biggest fans :)

Answer #2

okays for all the people who said they sold out or that they used to be good. I like the black parade but I loved their old stuff better. and 4 al the ppls like me I have good news! their coming out on tour and a new cd in 2009!!! with the OLD STUFF! :))

Answer #3

hey biatch johnny cash owns

oh and my chemical romance is okay what are they doin now anyway

Answer #4

They were ok last year. I used to really like them and went and saw them live. but there a bit overplayed now. and people get judged for liking them. Although some of there songs are really catchy nah old.

Answer #5

I don’t really like black parade either, but hey come on, they still have a LOT of good tunes, and if you see them live, they play ‘em.

Answer #6


Answer #7

I like them. Most people that like them now are emo wannabes that only like them for the black parade, not their old stuff, which in my opinion is much better.

It annoys the hell out of me when people criticise them so much too. It’s a band for gods sake!

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Answer #9

Isn’t it the goal of every garage band to make it big? Selling out is part of that. Selling merchandise, cd’s, and concert tickets… Being famous and making a ton of cash. If I worked my booty off for years performing for people and some corporate suit offered me tons of money to do it for a bigger audience, I’d do the same thing.

Answer #10

I luv them I luv gerard I luv frank and I luv the song helena

Answer #11

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE USED TO BE GREAT they had raw talent and they’re songs had meaning then MTV and posers discovered them a piece of trash entitled the black parade came out and then they quit?! honestly, the black parade sucked. listen to their old stuff like 3 cheers or bullets. I hope the black parade is dead [[their new cd]] is good but I doubt it. in my opinion they SOLD out just like fall out boy.

Answer #12

Yeah ofcourse, when even ask when people have dp pics of gerad way and post questions about liking my chemical romance…This is beginging to turn out like the crap jonas brothers, liking them because there hot and other people like them…

To truly like them you must like there old and new songs…though they have sold out…quite sad.

Answer #13

they used to be good until they were exploited and sold out to MTV

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Answer #15

I hate them, they suck! I’ve never heard more trash in ma life! worse than johnny cash! no offense though

Answer #16

It’s true, their old stuff is better, but I like The Black Parade too.

Answer #17

I like them too. The Black Parade album reminds me of Queen.

Answer #18


Answer #19

I don’t know, as much as you want liberty!! joke

Answer #20

oh ya huh

Answer #21

luv them!!!

Answer #22

OMG!! those are my fave songs too!!! awesome!!!

Answer #23

they are cool I like also like the Used

Answer #24

me a lot thir my FAVORITE

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