My boyfriend watched my sister give a blowjob - i'm disgusted!

My boyfriend watched my sister give his friend a blowjob and I'm still disgusted with him about it. I can't forget it.

The other night, we all had a drink and my sister was drunk. She said she would give my boyfriend's friend a blowjob. His friend said only one person could watch and he said my boyfriend could watch. So he did. They all drove off, leaving me and my friend at home. We had no idea what had happened.

We waited for more than an hour and a half before calling them. They were in a common place where it is known people go dogging. I was horrified and very annoyed with my boyfriend.

They finally got back and I was really angry with my boyfriend for leaving us. He lied, saying nothing had happened and they just drove around. When we went to bed, my boyfriend told me that my sister gave him a blowjob. He said he was horny at first at the thought of it all, but then was not and found it disturbing. He also said he told my sister to take off her top and bra for his friend and he pushed her head down on his penis. She was very willingly though, but she is underage. (She is only 15 and has had sex with five different guys, which I find frightening). My boyfriend's friend also said he wanted sex with her, but she said no, because they both have a girlfriend/boyfriend.

I was disgusted with my boyfriend and felt sick. I screamed at him and cried.

I've since forgiven him, but I can't stop thinking about what my boyfriend did. He says he didn't get horny over it at all and I do believe him, but sometimes I'm not too sure. I get images of him, wacking off to it or something, because of the things he did during it. He said he was ashamed of himself afterwards and was worried about telling me, because he knew I wouldn't take it too well. Too right I didn't!!!

I love my boyfriend so much, we've been together for more than a year and I've done some stupid stuff too, but I can't get this out of my head. I've tried talking to him about it several times, but he says I'm going around in circles with it and gets annoyed with me about it.

Someone please help. I'm not too sure what to think.

Thank you.

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id be really mad at my boyfriend too. either you pretty much forgive him or break up. id suggest you break up. but keep in mind to that your sister was cool about it too shouldnt you be angry at her? I dunno just a thought. good luck

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thats why theres a male and a female... and not just male and male... FAG! (in a non offensive way)

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Your right, that is very disturbing. I'd feel exactly the same as you, its truely wrong on so many levels, especially as its with your sister.
I know you probably dont want to hear this but you need to finish the relationship because this will forever haunt you, and no wonder because its morally wrong.

When you love someone its easy to talk yourself out of things you dont like the sound of, but you can't live in denial over this - just think, if you knew he'd done something like this when you first met, u'd never have started going out with him.

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