Does using mustard help you beat a breathalyzer?

IF so how???
I'm not an advocate of drinking & drinking but if I am forced 2 I'd like 2 know how 2 avoid Fines

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Pennies dont work they contain 97.5 % zinc and mouthwash will cover up ur breath but most mouthwashes contain 27 % alcohol in them and could triple the breathalyzer , batteries dont work either, chewing gum doesnt work,the breathalyzer measures the air in ur lungs not ur mouth and the air in ur lungs is constantly absorbing alcohol from ur blood thats why cops test it in the first place. There is no way yet to outsmart a breathalyzer unless they create some sort of pill that could interefere in the bloodstream but Im just guessing but u dont have to do the test that they ask u to do that is by law just say u dont want to do the test and just pray u dont fail the breathalyzer LOL just get a DD driver thats the best way .

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a police officer will arrest you no matter what so it's better to remain silent .That task proves hard to do when your intoxicated and the Police know that. or say you have medical conditon such as problem breathing

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Very doubtful. There isn't anything that you can take that will fool a breathalyzer test. It reads the breathes that come from your lungs. Your lungs pull the alcohol from your bloodstream. There isn't anything currently on the market that will stop that.

You can avoid fines by not driving while drunk. Always have a designated driver.

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