What type of music do you listen to?

What type of music do you listen to? Whats your top(s) favorite song(s) right now???
If you can put the name of the song and the artist. I’d love to check these songs out. ;)

Answer #1

the city sleeps in flames by Scary Kids Scaring Kids.. Challenger pt2 by gwen Stacy.. just some bands that are good: We Came As Romans Funeral for a friend Inhale Exhale Four Letter Lie The fall of Troy Love Hate hero Senses Fail (favorite Band ever) August Burns Red Attack!Attack! A Day to remember a skylit drive

Answer #2

I literally listen to all types of music, I liek indie rock, metal, deathcore, screamo, SOME rap, folk metal, lovers rock, slow rock, pop [ex: demi lovato] extc.

fave bands: attila The devil weras prada bless the fall atreyu alesana august burns red dance gavin dance brokencyde the cranberries a day to remember escape the fate eat me while im hot 100deadrabbits drop dead gorgeous marilyn manson from autumn to ashes I killed the prom queen no innocent victim kings of leon the killers jack johnson insane clown posse dir en grey suicide silence chiodos bring me the horizon equilibrium eyes set to kill miss may I sky eats airplane showtek senses fail sea of treachery sade paramore quiet drive panic at the disco one republic hoobastank flyleaf the medic droid dot dot curve a black rose burial absence of despair nightcore astrela [friends band] bfmx all time low..extc

Answer #3

“A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)” By: Megadeth “Anywhere But Here” By: Sick Puppies “Best I Ever Had” By: Drake “Cancer” By: My Chemical Romance “Cemetary Gates” By: Pantera “Chillin” By: Wale featuring Lady Gaga “Dragula” By: Rob Zombie “Echo” By: Gorilla Zoe “Hand Of Blood” By: Bullet For My Valentine “Hate My Life” By: Theory Of A Deadman “Hearts Burst Into Fire” By: Bullet For My Valentine “I Gotta Feeling” By: The Black Eyes Peas “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” By: My Chemical Romance “Like We Never Loved At All” By: Tim Mcgraw “Listen Up” By: Falling In Reverse “A Little Piece Of Heaven” By: Aveneged Sevenfold “My Best Friend” By: Tim Mcgraw “Nymphetamine Fix” By: Cradle Of Filth “One” By: Metallica “One Eight Seven” By: Senses Fail “Paper Planes” By: M.I.A. “Prom Queen” By: Lil Wayne “Psychosocial” By: Slipknot “The Sacreligious Scorn” By: Dimmu Borgir “Situations” By: Escape The Fate (with Ronnie) “Smother Me” By: The Used “Umbrella” By: All Time Low (remake of Rhiannas) “Walk” By: Pantera “We Made You” By: Eminem “The Word ‘Best Friend’ Becomes Rediefined” By: Chiodos “1979” By: Smashing Pumpkins

These are some of my favorite of all time. I like Metal, Rock, Country, Rap, yeah just different genres.

Answer #4

AKissForJersey Burden of a Day Bury Tomorrow- The Casino Brawl The Color Morale-Dear Whoever Destroy the Runner Drop Dead Gorgeous- Arsonists get all the girls- eyes set to kill- Farewell to Freeway The Ghost inside A Hero A Fake I SEE STARS- Miss May I Of Mice and Men A Smile From the Trenches- We Came As Romans Asking Alexandria Of Machines He is Legend Devil Wears Prada Bring Me the Horizon Parkway Drive In Fear and Faith The Agony Scene As Blood Runs Black Attack Attack! August Burns Red Bleeding Through Emarosa Emmure Endwell The Eyes of a Traitor Eyes Set to Kill The Failing Farewell Farewell to Freeway I killed the prom queen jamies elsewhere motograter muderdolls meshuggah mastadon sky eats airplane a skylit drive alesana escape the fate blessthefall spineshank trivium Adeaze- Aerodrone- Aiden- Alexisonfire- All Time Low- Asking Alexandria- August Burns Red Augustana- Avenged Sevenfold- Backseat Goodbye- Bayside- Beatles- Ben Harper- The Bled- Blindside- Pitifull Breathe Carolina- Single Millionares Bring Me the Horizon- Burden of a Day- Catherine- Chiodos- Cute is What We Aim For Danger Radio- Daphne Loves Derby- A Day to Remember- Destroy the Runner-

I may have repeated a couple

Answer #5

I have many favorites


Not Meant to Be by Theory of a Dead Man

Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold

Nymphetamine Fix by Cradle of Filth

Pulse of the Maggots by Slipknot

Love Your Love the Most by Eric Church

Love Story by Taylor Swift

Best I Ever Had by Drake

yes I have a very odd mix

Answer #6

although I can not list titles or artists, the type of music I like most is 80’s music, blues, jazz, classical, and oldies. I do like fats domino. : )

Answer #7

Quite a lot of different types… Mostly EBM/electro-industrial, metal, rock, reggae, classical, techno/dance/happy hardcore and pop.

My favourite songs right now… Grendel - Don’t Tame Your Soul Death - Evil Dead Zombie Girl - Dance Of The Headless Corpse Zombie Girl - The Darkness The Cure - Plainsong Uberbyte - Sertraline

Answer #8

I mainly listen to Classical Music. On the popular front, we particularly like both the recordings, and films of Bing Crosby.

Answer #9

Nu Metal & Rock

My top favorite songs are Paramore’s Just Like Me - Decode - and Crush Crush Crush + Slipknot’s Purity - Duality - and SIC.

I despise Rap fully but I will only listen to Eminem.

Answer #10

soul and rnb music for the heart kinda corny but hey great music to chill and remanice 2

top song hmmm uncle sam I dont want to see you ever again lol great song great meaning.

Answer #11

Good music

Answer #12

I listen to Taylor Swift. ‘Our Song’ I also like: Dashboard Confessional - Stolen

Answer #13

My top song right now is Fame by Drop Dead Gorgeous.. Oh and You Are So Beautiful by Escape The Fate. :)

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