Do musicians know their music is getting downloaded off the net for free?

how come people cant just support the artist and buy their music

Answer #1

They do know it and that’s why a lot of them can’t get any money for their music. While a song may be popular, a musician barely gets any money for it because of how easy it is to get a hold of the audio and not only that, how much the distributor takes in from what they do sell.

Answer #2

Have you tried illegally downloading Whenever I download music, ill see if I like it or not. If I really enjoy the music, then ill buy the actual cd so I have a real copy of it. Sometimes some music just can’t be found in stores. I remember before I used to download, how angry I would het when i bought an album and it was complete rubbish. Shakira once said something like “i don’t care if people download my music illegally, music is a gift and it should be shared”

Answer #3

i support the artists and bands i buy all my music. so far i spent almost $1100. on music. so far. what people don’t realize, is the public does not know how the contracts of the artists and the record companies. The New bands have contracts where they get most of their money from album sales, and people download their music illegally hurts them and sometimes even forces the band to break up because it isn’t worth it financially. now for the bands who are established, and made it big, the illegal downloading doesn’t affect them as much. i know some of the bigger rock bands don’t really care how their fans get their music. they just care about if you have their music or not. because they know their real fans will buy their music and come to their shows.

Answer #4

About 99% of the money you spend on an album goes to the record companies, not the artist. The vast, vast majority of a musician’s (or band’s) income comes from live shows and other merhandise (t-shirts, hoodies, etc).

Record companies are often corrupt and make huge profits already. They aren’t interested in seeing an artist become successful; they are only interested in their own bottom line. Most record companies even force musicians to sign away the rights to their own music, so the record company, and not the artist, actually owns all of the songs. Record companies treat artists terribly, but it is very difficult to get by as a musician without the support of a record company.

Also, albums are getting more and more expensive all the time. Not everyone has extra income to spend on cds and music. Does that mean they should have to go through life without music? I’m all for buying albums if you can afford it, but not everyone can, and the fact that most of their money goes towards the record company can be a deterrent to spending a lot of money on cds. I’d rather support an artist by going to their shows when possible.

If I really like a band, I will usually save up to buy their cds anyway. But I’d rather download the music, since I just can’t afford luxuries like cds. Most people who download free music aren’t trying to hurt musicians. They just want to enjoy the music.

All of my favorite musicians are actually very happy to see their music widely available for downloading. It’s the record companies that are most opposed to downloading, since they want to make as much profit as possible.

Musicians don’t make music for the money, they make music because they enjoy it and want to inspire others. The more ears their music reaches, the better. They find it extremely gratifying to see fans enjoying their music, whether they paid for it properly or not. :)

Answer #5

im just saying that your 1st sentence is false. the established bands yes that is some what true, but for new bands, that is totally opposite. but no1 knows in the public how the contracts are, they are never made public.

Answer #6

I don’t have $10 to spend on luxuries, much less $1100. How can anyone afford that? It strikes me as sort of ignorant to assume that everyone has that kind of disposable income and people are just being selfish if they download music. Music is extremely therapeutic for me, and I cannot imagine being without it. But if I bought a lot of music, I would not be able to afford food or the medicine that keeps me alive. I don’t think that makes me selfish or a bad person.

Answer #7

I know many band members personally who can, and have, confirmed my statements. Many bands struggle financially because their record companies take advantage of them. The contracts are not made public because that would be bad business for the record companies. All of the musicians I know struggle constantly with record companies. The record company has final say on the music a band produces- they can make bands change or omit songs, even if the band does not want to. The companies fight tooth and nail to get as much profit as possible out of their clients, while withholding the profits from the actual artists. Artists often switch labels repeatedly just to find one that will let them produce the music they want and get some of their own money.

Answer #8

Also, a quibble: if contracts are kept private, how do you know that my statements are false? My experience may be anecdotal, but according to the musicians I know, these experiences are pretty universal in the American music business.

Answer #9

ive spend 1100 over 4 and a half years not in one year. ive spent it over time. and if you cant spend 10 bucks on an album then how can you afford the internet ? or phone? or Tv? 10 bucks is not much at all

Answer #10

and what bands do you know personally?

Answer #11

Yes, they know. Some of them are even OK with it, like Christofer Drew clearly states that he doesn’t care at all that people download his music. If you really really LOVE the band, you should support them and go buy the album, but most bands arn’t in it for the money :)

Answer #12

I have internet because I require it to do my job. :) I have a chronic degenerative illness and will probably not live longer than a few more years. The treatments that keep me alive right now drain all of the money that I earn. I don’t, of course, think that lots of other people are in my situation, but to think that everyone can afford luxuries is a little naive. About 12% of Americans live in poverty, and many others struggle financially. My situation has made me realize what it’s like for those people. I know a lot of local bands and musicians in my area. Aud Fauce and Forgive Durden to name a couple. A lot of local churches here host free concerts from time to time, and the atmosphere is pretty laid back, you get to chat with the guys (or girls) afterwards. I also know Dustin Kensrue of Thrice, he is AMAZING. :)

Answer #13

Also, I don’t have TV! Just internet. I have a pay-as-you-go phone that I use only for emergencies. There are a lot of luxuries I have had to give up. Not everyone is well off.

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