Music for my ipod

I need more songs to put on my ipod even though I have over 7,000 songs but anyways can anybody tell me good songs to put on there doesnt matter what kind of music im open to anything.

Answer #1

I would love to answer this question for you! Well it depends on what kind of music you prefer. You did say you were open to anything. here is a wide variety of genres: Just Dance- Lady GAGA Poker Face- Lady GAGA Love Game- Lady GAGA One And The Same- Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato Radar- Britney Spears Womanizer- Britney Spears Battlefield- Jordin Sparks Waking Up In Vegas- Katy Perry Here We Go Again- Demi Lovato So Close- Jenette McCurdy Send It On- Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift White Horse- Taylor Swift Love Story- Taylor Swift Tell Me Why- Taylor Swift Shake It- Metro station Seventeen Forever- Metro Station Beat It- Michael Jackson Billie Jean- Michael Jackson Thriller- Michael Jackson Bad- Michael Jackson Black or White- Michael Jackson Music Of The Night- The Phantom of The Opera The Phantom Of The Opera- The Phantom Of The Opera Think Of Me- The Phantom Of The Opera Oklahoma- Oklahoma! Can’t Say No- Oklahoma! It’s Alright It’s Ok- Ashley Tisdale Masquerade- Ashley Tisdale Overrated- Ashley Tisdale My Life Would Suck Without You- Kelly Clarkson The Climb- Miley Cyrus Party In The USA- Miley Cyrus Paranoid- Jonas Brothers Much Better- Jonas Brothers So What- P!nk Popular- Wicked Defying Gravity- Wicked Mama Mia- Mama Mia! SOS- Mama Mia! Dancing Queen- Mama Mia!

Ok, so here are some albums that you may like:

Genre: Country Fearless- Taylor Swift Taylor Swift- Taylor Swift Some Hearts- Carrie Underwood Carnival Ride- Carrie Underwood So Close Single- Jenette McCurdy Homeless Heart Single- Jenette McCurdy

Genre- Alternative: Metro Station- Metro Station A Salute To Kid Rock- Kid Rock

Pop/Rock; Circus- Britney Spears Battlefield- Jordin Sparks Jordin Sparks- Jordin Sparks Guilty Pleasure- Ashley Tisdale The Fame- Lady GAGA One Of The Boys- Katy Perry Number Ones- Michael Jackson Fun House- P!nk

Kid Pop/Rock: Here We Go Again- Demi Lovato Send It On Single- Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers Wizards Of Waverly Place Soundtrack- Various Don’t Forget- Demi Lovato Lines, Vines, And Trying Times- Jonas Brothers Hannah Montana The Movie Soundtrack- Various Hannah Montana 3- Hannah Montana Part In The USA Single- Miley Cyrus Breakout- Miley Cyrus

Musicals/ Operas: The Phantom Of The Opera- Various Oklahoma!- Various Wicked- Various Mama Mia!- Various

I hope this helps! These are some songs and albums of any sort of genre. I didn’t know what you liked, so I thought I should put all types of genres.

Answer #2

Fireflies–Owl City Anything by Red Hot Chilli Peppers Anything by Cascada Maps–Yeah Yeah Yeahs Anything by The Used Plastic Stars–Freezepop

I tried to do some songs not a WHOLE lot of people have.

(When I said “Anything by askdjfhalk” I ment all there songs, not a song called Anthing)

Answer #3

you have to have some songs from

I set my friends on fire forever the sickest kids all time low and some a day to remember

almost all of their songs are good if you want me to be more specific just funmail me ill give you a big list

Answer #4

Mayday Parade anything by them, they’re all good. Now You’re Gone- Basshunter Something or Situations- Escape the Fate Classified- Breathe Carolina Chiodos The Used Hope this helped.

Answer #5

Okay, ummm… do you like EBM? Aggrotech?

Reaper Uberbyte Grendel Modulate Tactical Sekt Psyclon Nine FGFC820 Amduscia Agonoize

I’ll leave that list there… Sorry if you know all of those lol.

I’m also currently obsessed with The Cure album Pornography… But I’m sure you’ve already heard that.

You probably already know all these too, but:

KMFDM Angelspit Combichrist Creature Feature Emilie Autumn Oomph! Hanzel Und Gretyl Alice In Videoland

I don’t know what you already have/like, so I’m not sure how useful this will be… I’m guessing not very. xD

Answer #6


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