Who likes country music?

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country music defines a persons life. that's why I love it and I listen to it. it helps through the good times and the bad. But I really don't think people should critisize it when they've never listened to it.

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I'm a fan...

Why? I am having trouble finding music I like?

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I do. I love Kenny Chesney. beer in mexico is my fav!

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How do we introduce screamo genre in a country like nepal ?

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I do, I listen to it all the time!

Does anyone like the doors?
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I luv it, I hate it when people lie about not liking it when they relly do lol

Anyone like this music

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oh hehehe I grew up listening to country.My dad's a huge fan.
Alan jackson,Bob dylan,Vince Gill,and Dolly Parton. AndI love keith urban!!!

does anyone like PLIES?
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I love country it relaxes me at work allthe time

Do you like secondhand serenade ?

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oh yeah, me!!. its the best thing tro listen to

When did country music began?
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i like em!
like carrie underwood,tim mgraw,toby keith,faith hill,shania twain!
i like a whole lot more!!!!!

does any1 else like murderdolls???
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im not THAT into country music, but some artists are really good. such as carrie underwood and tim mcgraw (is that the name?)

Who here likes Fever Ray or anything similar?
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amm I dont realy only carrie underwood

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I like all kinds country probroly my fav

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I grew up listening to country & still listen to some of it sometimes

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