Muhammad Ali vs. Bruce Lee

What are your thoughts? Syle vs. syle, I am thinking that Ali would only have to land 2 or 3 solid hits. The question is could he dance as well as Lee and keep up with him. Lee is very good at tumbling though so if a punch was coming towards him would he be able to tumble such a heavy hit? Then there is the Lee who is raw speed and tactical but would he have the endurance to dish out enough hits on Ali?

Answer #1

yea bruce bruce will murder ali with out touchin the guy

Answer #2

Bruce Lee would win easily.

Answer #3

lets see, style vs style, a boxer who only knows how to box vs a martial arts practitioner who studied almost every fighting art on earth in a fight with each other. you have to remember a fight is not a boxing match and ali would probably not stand a chance despite being much larger.

Answer #4

ali has had outside the ring fights with kickboxers, he’d neutralise bruce’s kicks with his fists, if lee got a kick in, Ali would still stand there like nothing had happened

Answer #5

although I dont like to disrespect ali because he is along with bruce and other phenomonal athletes is my hero but id have 2 give it to bruce bruce was much faster and study various different stlyes including boxing lee even did boxing and went undefeated knockin out the champ in like 2 rounds I think in a ring he’d have a harder time beating ali but in a street fight no ?’s asked lee all the way srry ali your stil the peoples champion lol

Answer #6

I would have to put my money on bruce lee- hands down.

muhammad ali was a great BOXER- very true, BUT bruce lee practiced many styles of martial arts, he defeated many men who were the same size and strength as ali. as far as endurance goes- martial arts is about that endurance and body control, being in charge of your mind and body, and achieving a mental focus.

Answer #7

When Ali was asked if he could beat Bruce Lee, he said “You can’t beat what you can’t hit.”

Answer #8

Bruce Lee 5’8 140 lbs Muhammad Ali 6’3 236 lbs well would they fight in a ring or on the streets? if they fought in a ring Ali would have an easier time cutting the ring down to size and using his longer reach and power to jab his way to victory… does Bruce lee have a chin? was it ever tested? do we have footage of lee in a hand to hand combat? we have plenty of stories of Bruce… since the creation of mixed martial arts we all know what really works in a real fight and what was Hollywood hoopla so we know that boxing is a key element in stand up fighting…Bruce lee did study boxing but would we really make a heavyweight fight a junior lightweight? but this isn’t just a boxing match…its a fight…and lee does have a greater arsenal of attacks that Ali. Bruce Lee also studied tai chi and kung fu…the Gracie family proved that those forms of fighting styles have no effect vs a pure striker or grappler jui jitsu, judo… when you talk endurance…Ali was a prize fighter…going 15 rounds a match…thats not even legal anymore…lee would need do use leg kicks to chop down Ali and he would need to connect on a spinning back kick…

90 percent of real fights end on the ground or in a clinch situation

verdict: Ali due to sheer size and proof of knock out power and solid chin…great endurance , heart

Answer #9

Bruce Lee would destroy Ali, he’s way faster and was a master at various forms of martial arts. While Ali is perhaps the greatest boxer of all time he would fail against Bruce Lee.

Answer #10

ali would stand there like nothin happened? even though lee’s kicks are said to of been felt like being hit by a car? if this is in the ring ali would probably take him even Lee admitted it(he said look at these small chinese hands). but on the street like come on, even if it is fists lee still has still been recorded at .05 second strikes from 3 feet away hands at his side(in a tournament). Don’t talk about lee not having enough endurance, he figured REAL “world-power” to be in your heart, without enough cardio you can’t keep up your punches no matter how hard they are and if you have to chase an opponent without cardio u would gas out by the time u catch up to him. Lee not only wanted to be the best fighter(mentally) but be in THE BEST SHAPE to fight

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