worry about if you can't be cured if you have MRSA?

is there anything to worry about if you can’t be cured if you have MRSA?

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Why in the world would you say that you’re not that important? Everyone is important, Everyone is someones mother, father, son,daughter,friend. Etc. Never say “I’m not that important” anymore. K!? you r not making me stay up, are u standing over me with a gun and threatening me to write to u!!? No one is, truth be I’m a night person, I’d rather stay up if I’m able. Always have been, my daughter is the same way. She’s so like me in so many ways. Yes, she’s our only child. (Don’t know if I could have had 2 of her, or more. She was a handful as a baby. Anything and everything she was in to. She was a very energetic child. Wish we could go to Europe, I’ve always wanted to see France and italy, but I’d REALLY love to see Ireland and Scotland. They sound so wonderful!!
Well, now its your turn to write. I’ll be looking out fir it. No more of the feeling sorry for yourself,ok? you R important, you R special, so no more of that. Right? Right! Don’t be saying “if you make it”. ,,I don’t want to hear any more of that either!!
What I do want you to do is to think positively and make plans for the future. Even I’d you take college courses online,It would be something good. The medical field is always looking for new people, the nursing field is so under staffed its incredible. And the shortage is nationwide. Go in get your 2 year as an RN and can pretty much work where ever you want. Well, gotta go and run some errands!! Talk to ya later!! Cyndi. {=

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I had surgery in June 06 and after I went back to work about 3 weeks later I had an injury trying to help a patient transfer, which she normally was not a problem. Anyway as we were moving for some reason nobody knows, including her, she panicked and put both hands around my neck and started pulling me down. Well we didn’t fall because a CNA came in at just the nick of time. Anyway when she had pulled I heard a pop in my neck DIRECTLY BELOW my surgical site. It injured T-1 if you know anything about the bones of the spine. I had had the surgery for 2 herniated disks so they replaced and fused C4-C7 and the next bone is T-1 and I have had chronic pain since then. Also have arthritis developing in both hands and my spine as well as degenerative joint disease in my spine. Hey tell me quick what time it is there pls so we can coordinate times to talk. Here it is 2 am Fri morning 2/13. I need to get off and go to bed have to take my girly to school un the mormings. I will check to see if you r on and if you r I’ll wait for the answer if not well hopefully we will run intro each other. Otherwise just leave a message here and I’ll catch it in the morning. K?

Thanks sweetheart, yeah even when she’s PMSing and obnoxious I’ve got to say she’s my favorite girl. We have alwayw been rather tight. But we get tighter the older she gets (just don’t let her know that. She’ll decide its not cool!) TTYl! Cyndi. (÷:

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Guess we can’t talk here, go to your fm and try to confirm your acct on a computer if you can. As to why some parents seem to love their children more than other parents do, why there is abuse,etc. I know a lot of times it can be due to immaturity–so many kids are getting pregnant and just not able to handle the stress of having a baby. A lot of it comes from learned behavior growing up as an abused child themselves and not having the resources to help them break the cycle (counseling, parenting classes,etc). I can’t see how anyone can do it either, babies and children only ask for a few things and the biggest part is love. I read articles about some children being harmed so severely. It just makes me cry. And when my girl was a baby and I read those I would just cry and cry and hold onto her and hug her for what seemed hours, and promise I’d never do those things to her.

Ok,well…that said, let me know when you get your account fixed. K? Talk to you soon! Cyndi. {=

Answer #4



MRSA infection is caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria — often called “staph.” MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. It’s a strain of staph that’s resistant to the broad-spectrum antibiotics commonly used to treat it. MRSA can be fatal.

Most MRSA infections occur in hospitals or other health care settings, such as nursing homes and dialysis centers. It’s known as health care-associated MRSA, or HA-MRSA. Older adults and people with weakened immune systems are at most risk of HA-MRSA. More recently, another type of MRSA has occurred among otherwise healthy people in the wider community. This form, community-associated MRSA, or CA-MRSA, is responsible for serious skin and soft tissue infections and for a serious form of pneumonia.


Above is Twilightmom’s corrected link and some of the information.

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Answer #5

I’m sure you do, all of those side effects even when given by I’ve are a pain I’m sure. Do you kbow what they are giving you now? Where did your infection start at the very first! are u in the hospital now? Hey fm me girl, your on my friend list so email me whenever you want ok? Take care!

Answer #6

I was a nurse, an RN…but haven’t been able to work since Oct of 2006. Guess that’s why I like this website I feel like I’m being helpful again if only a little bit. So, I’m home with me and my puppies until my daughter gets home from school.

Answer #7

thanks I’ve read everything and I’ve had MRSA infections on and off for like 7 months, I’ve had TONS of antibiotics that make me feel sooo sick constantly and im always tired and I don’t know what to do because nothing is working

Answer #8

why rn’t you a nurse now?? and wow thats cool you seem to really love your daughter, you talk about her all the time…she is a lucky girl to have such a loving mom..:)

Answer #9

Ok, hey girl. I think you just need to go to your email and there should be a msg to confirm your FunAdvice account. Then just click on the link qnd that confirms your acct. Then come back to your profile and in the column where it tells your advice given. # of questions asked, etc etc. Click on edit profile and awayyy you go. After you confirm I think you should be able to send/receive email to your FA acct. How are you feeling today? Yes dear, let me know anytime you want! If you have to leave msgs here, lv me a comment and let me know you wrote. K? Well! Ok

Answer #10

I will think positively! LOL .. I have a question but don’t take it the wrong way but if you do, I’m really sorry… But why are some moms so loving and caring and others not? Why do some seem to care less bout their children? And why do some of the parents hit children? Do they know how much it hurts the children both physically and mentally? Why do parents do that and how do they sleep at night? It’s do sad… K and now new topic, um, I think I like Sweden, or Greece, those are fun places to go to… We’ve travels across basically all Europe but that’s bragging so I will shut up now and let you write back… Srry…

Answer #11

ya I’ve been in the hospital TONS!!! I don’t think there has been one week that I haven’t…and that is usually a good week…lol…im allergic apparently to septra( sulfa based drugs) and I’ve had im pretty sure almost every antibiotic known to treat this…and after the treatment im on now, if it doesn’t go away, I don’t know what they can do anymore…I just want to get off alll of this medicine…

Answer #12

crap I’m sorry for keeping you up so late. Really I’m not that important, your sleep is way more important! Ugh now I feel really bad for that! And wow that patient was just a little nervous LOL and not really I’m just 15 I don’t really know about the spine but by the way you make it sound, it must have been a close injury.. I’m sorry,,, that patient just ruined your career.. people.. LOL… I’m going to try to be a nerse or a surgen or a paramedic or just something in the medic feild.. But it will depend on if I make it ! I might catch something and get super sick, I have this bad luck streak LOL but I’m used to it… Is your daughter your only child? Is she your one blood? you should come to Europe!

Answer #13

no I’m not and hopefully shouldn’t for a while.. They just finished giving me these two really strong mede but before that it was rifampin and septra( had a severe allergic reaction to) then tetracycline… Those are the most recent… I can’t remember what else..too many to keep track.. LOL my infection first started to be completely truthful was when I decided to re Peirce my ears, then they got really infected and I waited about two weeks to say anything so at my ears… Then the infection spread through my whole body…

Answer #14

Sorry about that, I fell asleep typing up the last of the previous post!! (:
Just finishing up and was going to say just let me know when you r on. I stay logged in 24/7 cause I’m using my phone and I’m afraid I won’t be able to get back in again. They’ve done a lot of work and I’ve had to sign in a couple of times when I was somehow logged out, just don’t want to take any chances if I don’t have too! (This is my 4th acct cause of being logged out and unable to sign back in!!) [÷: TTY soon!!

Oh yeah, forgot what I was going to tell u!!! Duh! It always says I’m online. But if you leave me a msg and you don’t hear from me within 45 min to an hour then you know I’m not on. So come back on again later and look for me then. K!!?? NOW. I’m finished,, (: Later,,,!!!

Answer #15

When the infection is active again, care is needes to not infect anyone else. Use of gloves, separate bedding and washed by themselves as well clothing. Wash everything separately.

This is a very good, no nonsense web site and tells in everyday language about MRSA and precautions,risks, and prevention or spreading, etc


Answer #16

Have they been using Ancef or Vancomycin

I’m sorry you have had so many problems! Have you been in the hosp a lot? Wish they could find something that would kill it!! (; Be an advocate for you and everyone else, everyone you talk to tell them about MRSA. When every 1 you know has been informed maybe when Mom and Dad are insisiting on an antibiotic for him/her they will be able to pop up and say—I don’t want one yet, I’ve only had these symptoms for 3 days and it could be a virus. We don’t want anymore antibiotic resistant infections than we already have no!!! Thank you Mom and Dad; but I’ll wait!!! {=

Answer #17

So you went into the hospital the 1st time septic, wow! you sound like a tuff cookie, girly!!

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