Mr. Kennedy Fired from WWE

I’m not sure if anyone else heard about this but WWE fired him after Raw last Monday,I read he apparently ALMOST injured Randy Orton after doing a back-drop on his bad shoulder and that WWE Management saw that and was ticked off. It put me on the bad side when I read it,now Raw will lose ratings cause of his release. What are your thoughts about this nonsense?

What I forgot to put in,Kennedy injured his wrist after Orton RKO’d him.

Answer #1

It appears they may have thought he was too injury-prone - Mr. Kennedy, a guy who at one time was on the fast track to becoming a world champion in WWE, has been released, the company announced on its Web site earlier this evening. There are no details as to why Kennedy was let go, but the most obvious assumption is that it’s due to his inability to stay healthy. After being out nine months with a dislocated shoulder, Kennedy returned to TV Monday in a 10-man tag team match on Raw and reportedly suffered a wrist injury during the match. It was the latest in a string of injuries for Kennedy, 33, during his four years in WWE. Two months after winning the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 23 in 2007 – which most likely would have led to a world title run – he suffered a torn triceps:

When I asked Kennedy about his history of injuries in an interview this past January, he dismissed the suggestion that he was injury prone.

Answer #2

Yeah he is gone which I think is stupid because they brought him back and threw him straight into the title frame, and then he injures their star boy and fires him. Chances are he will be snapped up by TNA and after about 3 year of him doing well WWE will sign him again.

Answer #3

I didnt know wrestling still existed. I thought everyone was into UFC now.

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