What are good rock songs without curse words?

I just got a mp3 player. what are some really good rock songs w/ no cus words in them?

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A lot of songs from three days grace are good, songs like Pain, Animal I Have Become, Never Too Late ( these songs I listed don't curse, but some songs do contain swear words so watch out if you buy the cd). Breaking Benjamin is also great, and I haven't heard any songs from them yet that have bad words (Diary of Jane, Cold, Breath(my fave). Hope this helps you.

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mezzo-soprano in need of a good rock song to sing

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these bands are all over the place stylistically, but I don't think they use curse words.

The Exies
National Product
Jimmy Eat World
Trust Company
Relient K
Taking Back Sunday
Coheed and Cambria
Dark Romantics
Armor For Sleep

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I def agree with jackknife I love nickelback and thy dont cus

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A brief list of GOOD Christian rock bands...

Decyfer Down
Falling Up
Hawk Nelson
Manic Drive
Thousand Foot Krutch

Dallas also has one of the few 'Christian Rock' stations in the U.S. They stream their broadcast on their website...


If any of you are interested.

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Robot Rock.

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I think three days grace is a really good rock band!! Skillet and thousand Foot Crush are also really good bands.
So far I haven’t heard any cuss words in any of the three days grace songs.
Hope you find what your looking for.

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Def Leppard
all kind of old but they are still great bands

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nickelback three days grace and coheed and cambria curse but they are still great bands and I have all their cds also skillets monster song is awesome so is comatose

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