Moving out check-list

My boyfriend and I are moving in together in 9 days, we are making a list of all the basic things we still need to get but we just want to make sure we dont miss anything. Even though we have family close by if we need anything it would be nice for us to have our own.

Does anyone know where I can get a handy checklist of things like household items and stuff that we definitely need

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Woh… I think they’re getting ready for 2012 lol

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hmm you could check dorm room checklists? I know it isnt exactly the same, but it’s pretty close…

Bedroom Adhesive stick ons and hooks (removable) Accent rug or room size carpet (remnants available) Accent throw pillows or back rest (good for visiting friends) Address and telephone book (enter emergency and medical contacts and birth dates of relatives and friends ) Afghan, fleece or stadium blanket Answering machine (pre-record message) Automobile supplies (see Automobile information and list) Backpack, bookbag, or laptop backpack Bathroom supplies (see Bathroom information and list) Bedspread, comforter or duvet (bed in a bag is an easy purchase) Bed skirt/dust ruffle (to conceal stored items) Bicycle supplies (see Bicycle information and list) Blanket (lightweight) Book ends Cable television wire (to place the television where you desire) Calculator (verify with college math department which style is recommended), extra batteries and instruction manual Calendar (Chick-Fil-A coupon calendars are welcomed) Camera and extra film or extra digital memory card Cassette or digital voice recorder (mini size) and tapes if you choose to record class (algebra) lectures Cell phone and battery charger Cement blocks/bed elevators or risers (to elevate height of bed for under the bed storage) Chair cushion for desk chair Cleaning supplies Clock radio with battery back up and dual alarm settings Coats and gloves (purchase hooded outer wear, as more of the outdoor weather elements will be experienced than in high school, Br-r-r-r-r) Cooking, food and kitchen supplies (see Kitchen list) Computer/Ethernet cables, printer/printer paper/mouse pad/extra CD’s, extra printer ink cartridge, computer top tray, pull out keyboard tray, etc. Back up all files and remove CD’s before packing the computer. Students may also use the college’s computer lab. Cork board, push pins (may be painted to coordinate with room decorations) Decorative items, posters, photo collages, photographs, etc. Desk lamp (tall) and extra light bulbs (not halogen for fire safety) Desk organizer and/or caddy Desk supplies (correction fluid or tape, envelopes, file folders, glue, highlighters, index cards, color markers, three hole punch, paper, paper clips, pencils, pencil sharpener, pens, permanent marker, stationary, ruler, rubber bands, scissors, stick on notes, stapler, staples, tape, etc.) Dictionary and Thesaurus (check out the Wellington Library and Wellington Academy for online resources – see below) Door mirror for back of bedroom door Dry Erase Board with shelf or Velcro strip and markers (to hang outside room door for communication to/from peers) Duct tape (101 uses) Egg crate(s) (two placed facing each other/interlocking is what students prefer for their mattress) Electronic games and gadgets Envelopes and postage stamps (for snail mail) Extension cords, UL approved, and multi outlet surge protectors (some colleges allow only power strips) Fan (a necessity) for the centrally controlled thermostat Feather mattress pad (some students prefer to nest) Fire extinguisher (small) First aid kit, travel sizes save space (ace bandage, aspirin, bandages, necessary remedies for illnesses and thermometer) Flashlight and extra batteries Futon (if using loft bed) Games and television game system Heating pad, electric or microwave (multiple uses) Iron, ironing board, spray starch, steamer (essential for dates and presentations) Laundry bag, basket or pop up hamper, folding style drying rack, mesh lingerie bag
Laundry container (for supplies, money or swipe card) Laundry instructions or lessons (if needed, to avoid ruining your favorite clothes) Laundry supplies (laundry marker, liquid detergent, dryer sheets, stain stick, static guard, etc.) Lint brush (or another use for duct tape) Living room supplies (see Living Room list) Loft bed supplies (verify permission with college then build, purchase or rent) Luggage (rolling style, under the bed size is great for road trips and/or extra storage) Mattress pad Night light (for floor safety and sneaking in while room mate is asleep) Notebook for each registered class (with calendar organizer or day planner) Organizers (for clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, etc.) PDA -(for addresses and telephone numbers,schedules, etc.) Personal hygiene supplies Photographs of family and friends Pillow(s), pillow protectors for student and guests Phone cards (if no cell phone) Prescription medications (transfer information to local pharmacy) Reading materials (magazine subscriptions are welcomed) Refrigerator with freezer, dorm size Scanner for computer – for less than $100, your student can scan photos and have a fully functional photocopier for late night, last minute academic assignments Sewing kit (buttons, needles, safety pins, thread, etc.) Sheets and pillowcases, two sets (some students purchase an extra flat sheet, batting and duct tape to make a padded head board) Shoe polish (can be invaluable for blind dates and/or meet his/her parents) Sleeping bag (for overnight guest) or inflatable air mattress Stationary, including birthday and thank you cards (make the relatives proud) Stereo, MP3 player, CD’s and headphones (label the wires, cords and jacks for a quicker set-up) Sunglasses, swimwear and suntan lotion Telephone (portable is preferred) and telephone wire (place the phone where you desire) Telephone books – one from the student’s home town and one for the new town. Also, see Wellington Library below for a listing of online phone directories. Television, DVD or VCR and movies, plus cable for TV (headphones make roommates happy) Tool set ( hammer, pliers, screwdriver, etc.) Towels and washcloths (see Bathroom list) Trash can and sturdy trash bags with ties (some colleges require metal cans) Umbrellas (two collapsible, for room, automobile and/or book bag) Under the bed storage boxes Vacuum cleaner (lightweight) for when dates or relatives visit Window valance(s) and tension curtain rod Workout, exercise, or sport equipment and protective gear (Frisbees are always fun) Wristwatch – water repellant with light and alarm

Bathroom Accent rug Bath/tub mat Bathrobe Behind/over the toilet storage shelves Bucket or caddy with drainage holes Cleaning supplies Cologne, perfume, lotions, etc. Contact lens cleaning supplies Deodorant Disposable small size drinking cups or shatterproof drinking cup Hair towel(s) Hairbrush and comb Hair dryer, curling iron, electric curlers, etc. Laundry bag or basket (small and easily portable) Mirrors, behind the door and/or hand held Nail clippers and nail file Nail polishes and remover Organizers, over the door organizers for towels, clothing hooks, over the faucet shower organizers for shampoo, soap, stacking pull out drawers for inside the vanity area, etc. Razor, disposable or electric and shaving cream or gel Room deodorizer spray or plug in Shampoo, conditioner, hair coloring, etc. Soap, liquid bathing, hand soap and dish/container Shower curtain and rings Shower radio Slippers, waterproof (for communal shower stalls) Suction style organizers Tissues, facial and toilet Toilet bowl brush and container Toilet lid cover Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash Towels, four sets (color theme or monogrammed to avoid disappearing towel syndrome) Trashcan with lid

kitchen Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc. Bake ware, baking sheet, casserole dishes, etc. Blender, mixer, toaster oven, electric grill and/or sandwich maker (for the midnight munchies) Bottle, can opener and cork screw Broom and dust pan, squeeze style mop Bug spray (for those unwelcome guests) Chip clips and magnetic clips Calendar for posting cleaning/cooking/school/travel dates, etc. Cleaning supplies and carry style organizer Clock and extra batteries (wall or clock radio style) Coffee maker with timer and necessary supplies Cookware, pots, pans, small indoor electric grill Copies of favorite quick and easy recipes from home Cutting board (small, plastic) Dish detergent Dish drying rack Dish cloths or sponges and towels Dinnerware, microwave safe bowls, cups, glasses, plates, etc. Disposable dishes and utensils are always welcome Eating and cooking utensils, spatulas, large spoons, etc. (include sharp cutting knives) Fire extinguisher (small) Groceries – purchase individually packaged snack size products for freshness, quickness, and portability (include set ups such as baking/cooking spray, condiments, spices, etc.) Ice cube trays and container if no ice maker Jar opener/twist pad Measuring cups and spoons Microwave and microwave able foods Organizers for cabinets, pantry, refrigerator, etc. (it works nicely for each suite mate to have his/her own private stash space) Oven mitt/ pot holders/hot pads Paper towels and/or napkins Pitcher Plastic ware food storage Shelf liner for cabinets Spices and sugar (salt, pepper, etc.) Soap (liquid hand ) Trash can and sturdy trash bags with ties (it is a long walk to the outside dumpster) Zip style baggies, assorted sizes

living room Decorative items such as lamps, pillows, pictures, posters, etc. Dry Erase board and markers to hang on hallway door Extension cords, UL approved and surge protectors Furniture, floor or lamps (not halogen), television, DVD, VCR, stereo system, etc. Organizers (stacking bins, crates, boxes) Over the door hanger or free standing coat rack for bulky winter coats Window valances and tension style curtain rod(s)

car supplies Automobile travel club membership card and emergency contact information in case of vehicle difficulties Battery jumper cables Before move-in, locate a nearby dealership which honors your vehicle’s warranty Car warranty information Car wash items, including bucket, if outside water hookup is available (for salt damage) or, locate the nearest car wash facility Cell phone cigarette lighter adapter (long distance calling card or prepaid phone cards) Emergency lantern and/or flashlight with extra batteries Extra sets of car keys (one set at college, one set with parent(s) First aid kit Gloves for changing tires and working under the hood Ice scraper and/or de-icer spray
Lightweight stadium style blanket and umbrella or rain poncho (for emergency first aid, vehicle repair or weather use). Oil – either put an extra quart in the trunk or put a stick-on label on the owner’s manual describing the type of oil (10w30, etc.) Show your school spirit and purchase a decal for your automobile Spare tire – check air pressure and tread condition Tire jack Tool kit for guys and/or gals who are mechanically minded. Include basic repair tools, metric/SAE socket set, wrenches and duct tape (which fixes almost anything)

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Actually yes, it’s a great help that she posted all of that for me. :)

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Are you talking about things like appliances and basics like potware, dishware, silverware and all that Steph? Do you guys have Bed,Bath and Beyond in Canada? you might try there and if you don’t have that go somewhere that has a Bridal Registry and I bet they would have some kind of “got to have” lists for newlyweds (=

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