What movie have you watched too many times?

Answer #1

Sweeney Todd! i watched it at least 10 times, memorized each scene, the lines and all the songs. It is such an amazing movie, and I loved that legend, I want to watch the musical too.

Answer #2

Ferngully XP my sister is a cartoon addict :P

Answer #3

When Finding Nemo came out, my brother (who is 12 years younger than me) watched it 62 times in one month. I counted. I can quote that damn thing, I swear.

Answer #4

Lol when I was younger It was toy story 2 bout dang time for a 3rd one lol

Answer #5

the fast and the furious

Answer #6

omg i love sweeney todd, but i think ive watch twilight way too many times

Answer #7

the first land before time and the second care bears movie, as well as titanic and lots of others

Answer #8

wow u wasted like a whole month of ur life.

Answer #9

toy story is the best

Answer #10

set it off,titanic and secret window

Answer #11

Bring It On, Austin Powers Goldmember, Sugar and Spice, Twilight…to name a few!

Answer #12

17 again or harry potter and the sorcerers stone i really love those movies haha

Answer #13

You are young…. life has been kind to you. You will learn….. :D I LOVE that movie (the newer version) I know those songs by heart haha

Answer #14

Titanic. I can quote that thing from beginning to end. Orphan, Drag Me To Hell.. Joe Dirt (actually, it’s pronounced Deer-Tay) The Uninvited..Mean Girls, How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days, American Pie… I’m a movie freak. :P

Answer #15

bring it on all or nothing :P

Answer #16

Labrynth. And the BBC Pride and Prejudice.

Answer #17

I’ve watched the House way too many times. I have the whole third season on DVDs, and I usually watch an episode or two before sleeping. xD

As for other “movie” things, I’ve probably watched “Yes Man” way too much. xD

Answer #18

Ah, typos. I meant to say that I’ve watched “House” too much, not “the house”. xD

Answer #19

Movie: probably “Ten Rillington Place”, with Sir Richard Attenborough and John Hurt. Taped it off-air many years ago (from a distant v.h.f. TV station) but the picture quality was pretty dire. Then, when it came up last year on a (digital) u.h.f. station, taped it again with perfect picture, and sound. Have seen it so many times over the years, just about know all the dialog off by heart!

TV series: “A Touch of Frost”, with Sir David Jason (White) as Inspector Frost. This popular drama is shown all the time on (Digital) 7(2)/Prime 2, and we have the complete series here on D.V.D., including one, or two, episodes that have yet to be shown here in Australia.

Answer #20

well i was going to say the Evi Ded Trilogy, but then i realized you cant watch the eil dea trilogy too many times, so ill say the rocky horror picture show, although i still love watching that.

Answer #21

As a favorite, Чебурашка(Cheburashka). I’ve seen it about 42 times so far, counting about an hour ago when it was on my TV(via PC VGA to HDMI cables). It’s an old 1971 Russian clay animation film. It’s pretty good, search it on YouTube, I’ve found it in Russian, English, and Japanese. ;)

As for forced to watch, I would have to say Marley & Me. While in Texas at an old friend’s home(we don’t talk anymore) he fell asleep with Marley & Me playing on repeat on his Xbox 360. I couldn’t find the controller or remote to the TV, so I just sat there, watching the movie over and over. I counted and I saw it 12 times because the scene with the beach kept coming up and I’d memorize every line that guy says about pooping dogs. If I was told to watch it again, I would break the DVD in half and shove it down the toilet. How’s that for a movie?

Answer #22

My sister likes every movie you listed here except for Joe Dirt, Drag Me To Hell, and Orphan. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen Mean Girls. I can quote like, every line in there and describe every scene. D; Movie freaks…

Answer #23

Oh so many :) One Flew over the Cuckcoo’s Nest…The Green Mile….and Godfather I and II….at least 100 times.

Answer #24

I believe I watched Water World and Soldier far too many times. :S its always on replay on cable and i still keep watching it. i dont know, its pretty entertaining i think :S

as for Filipino movies, I prolly have watched Madrasta far too many times. Madrasta means Stepmother. :S

Answer #25

There’s a whole in the world like a great black pit. :D the ONLY musical I will ever love, or even watch. I have the songs on my IPod, :D

Answer #26

Princess Bride (duck).

The movie I’ve seen the most that WASN’T my idea? Sinbad, the cartoon, with Brad Pitt. It’s pretty awesome, and I still like it…for some reason, it’s simply the best kids movie ever :)

Answer #27

that’s why her hair is so big… it’s full of secrets :D

Answer #28

Haha. “That one there, that’s Karen Smith. She is one of the dumbest girls you will ever meet. Damien sat next to her in English last year.” “She asked me how to spell orange.” Man, now I wanna watch that movie. crap. :(

Answer #29

there are 2 many 2 name but my fav is twilight watch it more then once lol XD go twilight :P

Answer #30

lol, I’ve seen both movies way too many times. I can practically quote every line of both of them

Answer #31

hey titanic,you remembered me moe

Answer #32

LORD OF THE RING.RETURN OF THE KING. and then my childhood,s favourate ♥TITANIC♥

Answer #33


Answer #34


Answer #35

Avatar(go blue peolpe)White Chicks(MOVE B*)and Loin King(I love the music!!!)

Answer #36

American History X, Natutal Born Killers, & Strangeland are my three favorite movies!

Answer #37

Saw 3, I love horror movies, but 2 times and on is just too much and the horror parts of it doesn’t scare me like it used to.

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