What would you do if you were going to a movie you knew you were going to hate?

I am going too see Hunger Games with my girlfriend and i know i am going too hate it, nothing about this movie seems worth a damn, But i still want too go because my girlfriend wants too see it, i am not going too let her go alone that is just not cool…. Sooo what should i do if i know i won’t like this movie, I am thinking about taking a nap or something.

Answer #1

Okay first of all, of you don’t want to see it that badly, don’t. I thought i would hate this movie, my friends ALL wanted to see it but i had in interest, it was actually okay. Its nice that you are willing to go with her but just tell her the truth that you don’t want to see it and she will understand. Do NOT take a nap, thats incredibly rude and if i was your girlfriend id rather you sat at home if you were gonna fall asleep. Just give it a chance, you MIGHT like it.

Answer #2

Do NOT take a nap if your with your girlfriend; I made my boyfriend see The Vow with me, he didn’t want to watch it yet he watched the whole thing anyways. If he fell asleep I wouldn’t wake him and I’d leave him there. To me, and I’m sure other girls, that’s just rude. Stick it out and watch it with your girlfriend, it will mean a lot to her. It honestly wont hurt you to spend some time with her and simply watch a movie, lol.

Answer #3

Falling asleep during a movie with your girlfriend is incredibly rude, and if you do it, a part of me kinda wishes she’ll leave you there.

When Lord of the Rings first came out, I was dragged to it kicking and screaming… and I am glad for it… cause I LOVED and still do Love it.

You never know how you are going to feel about it afterwards. I say you suck it up, go, and get through it.

Doesn’t makign her happy important to you?

Answer #4

I know i won’t like this movie i own over 500 DvD’s i know what type of movies i like i wont like it end of story, and no i was not really going too take a nap that was a joke :P

Answer #5

I know i won’t like this movie i own over 500 DvD’s i know what type of movies i like i wont like it end of story, and no i was not really going too take a nap that was a joke :P

Answer #6

I am not going too fall asleep it was a joke, you would have too know me too get that it was a joke tho ><, I am a really bad sleeper i hardly get sleep at night there is no way i could fall asleep in a public place.

Answer #7

For one i spend loads of time with her all our free time is spent, And no i am not going too fall asleep during the movie

Answer #8

Maybe you could take notes (real or mental) and write a poor-boyfriend-dragged-to-cinema review for college magazine or send it to some online magazine if you’re not in college.

From a journalistic point of view. Be fair with the movie, be neutral. Don’t expect anything, write a little mock about the hype. Write something nice on the special effects. Ridicule a sidekick-character. Drop in some far-fetched but eloquent rabble about media criticism. And comment the boo…. erm… physical proportions of the main character.

Answer #9

Classy i saw the movie, just got home it was bad on so many levels i could not think of one good thing too say about this movie….

Answer #10

Umaro, just watch the movie and enjoy the rest of your date, you can talk crap about it later that night, at least its not twilight on opening weekend

Answer #11

really though what was the last good movie in theaters recently?

Answer #12

This movie sucked hard, Everything about it was bad, Bad camera bad plot, Non of the people in the movie had any real character development too the point where i really did not care what happened, the special effects were sooo bad i almost laughed, And again the cameras sucked soo bad all the fights are shot waaay too close so you can’t tell whats going on, This movie is sooo bad it’s not even funny, I guess if you read the books you may enjoy just seeing the people come too life but, I don’t know it did not seem too do justice ,

And on top of that my girlfriend got pissed at me because thought it was terrible, so we got in a small fight over it, And i don’t like too fight i hate any type of drama… So i almost broke up with her, But she said she was sorry before i got a chance,

Well at least i get make up nookie…..

Answer #13

Now make her watch Running Man followed by No Escape.

Answer #14

I guess the question is do the negatives of your life cause you more perks then the postives in it ?

Answer #15

I guess so, I really love my girlfriend and i would see this movie another 100 times, if it means i can spend more time with her, so yeah i made my stand on that part, the real question is, how do you let someone you care about know that you don’t like something they think is good?

Answer #16

Talk it out ? Communication and compromise I’d say is key. Are you seeing it based on self principal or doing it because of what’s important to her and what makes her happy?

Answer #17

I guess what I’m, trying to say, is if what makes her happy in the end makes you happy (to see she is) ….it’’s really all that matters . But if you really have a problem with it, then you should share with her your concerns with what you have a problem excepting.

Answer #18

I would enjoy some popcorn and sip on my drink. That would give me enough of a distraction.

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