What is a movie that has impacted your life?

Answer #1

the Persuit of Happiness!!

taught me to keep trying, through thick and thin.

Answer #2

The best movie that has impacted my life would be “Beaches”. Its about a long lasting friendship from childhood to adulthood. This movie will bring tears to your eyes, no doubt. The movie shows how 2 different kind of people grow, change, almost despise each other, live together, and continue on the roller coaster of life. At the end is the best and a tearjerker. You will love this movie for life and it never gets old.

Answer #3

It may sound weird, but the movie that impacted me in my life is “Too Wong Fu Thanks For Everthing Julie Newmar”. The first time i saw it i was in my early teens and was struggling with my sexuality and confidence and watching that movie, the attitude that the drag queens had, how they dealth with adversity, and were proud of who they were made me want to feel the same way. That and it taught me to be “utterly fabulous” lol.

Answer #4

For me, it is A Little Princess. I watched it when I was little, and it taught me about self-respect and the importance of imagination. In India, Sara (the main girl) is told that “all girls are princesses”, and this is a lesson she clings to when forced to mop floors and serve meals. Even dressed in rags and living in a bare attic room, she is special – and so are all the others around her, regardless of whether they’re nice, snobbish, or bossy. She also accepts magic. In her father’s words, “Magic has to be believed – that’s the only way it’s real.” Ahhh, I love it. Sara uses fantasy as a tonic for her bleak reality without ever losing sight of what’s happening around her. A true inspiration. I cry every time i watch it, haha.

Answer #5

When I was a kid, my school took us to see “A Man for all Seasons” starring Paul Schofield as St. Thomas More, and Robert Shaw as Henry VIII. . I sat at the back underneath the projection booth, and a drunken projectionist managed to drop the second reel onto my head. . That had a pretty big impact.

Answer #6

Raise your voice, I watched it when i was younger its about a girl who sings really good and her brother supports her so much and hes finally outta high school and treating her to a concert on the way back there was a crash and he dies. before the whole death thing the girl wants to go to this singing school for the summer and her dad said no so she didnt give a form and a clip in however her brother made a video out of the various times he has recorded her and sent it to the place and after he dies she got accepted, it was just sooo sad but being a person who has lost someone important in their life what ive learned is death is just a part of life you have to be above that rather then making the thing itself you life

Answer #7

The movie Precious as well if any of you havent seen it you are missing out on something so inspiring

Answer #8

Oh, I used to watch that movie all the time when I was a kid! It was my favorite. :) Brings back good memories.

Answer #9

“The Blind side” =’) Watched that movie so many times,love it <3

Answer #10

its my 2nd fave movie.

Answer #11

The movie that inspired or effected me the most would have to be The Boy Who Could Fly. That movie was amazing and i cant even explain how good it was it made me cry in the end. I advise you to watch it.

Answer #12

Dumb and Dumber. The dedication to half-wits showed to find true love was something that moved me to tears, and maybe the senile nature of the two can be something i can model myself after.

Answer #13

Fireproof, facing the giants, grace card.

Answer #14

ive seen the first two, werent they made by the same producer? another made by the same producer, Flywheel. Its pretty good.

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