What is "mousy hair"?

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like messy hair.

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Mousy refers to the hair color. It usually means that the color is drab and dull.

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Hair that isn't shiny, boring, usually a light brown color.

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looks likes its wet but you can style it any way

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'Mousy' is a term used to describe boring, flat hair. Usually a light brown colour, with no 'wow factor'. These days most people with mousy hair will either have blonde streaks put in it to liven it up, or colour it a darker, more interesting brown. It doesn't have to be boring in a straight and flat sense, the hair can be frizzy, straight, curly, wavy etc etc... it just lacks... oomph.

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Messy hair, with lots of grease in it. So a greasy look, usually not attractive.

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