Should my motherboard be under a seperate warranty?

I had some problems with my laptop a few months ago. It was less than a year old and still under warranty, so dell replaced the motherboard. The problem was initially fixed, but it is now happening again, and the warranty has just expired a few days ago. They are going to replace it again, however they have said they will not take further action to fix the problem should it happen again, as the warranty for my computer has expired. However, as the otherboard is less than a year old, should this be under a seperate warranty. Also, considering I contacted them about the problem and they failed to fix it, do they still have a responsibility to take care of the problem, even though the warranty has since expired?

Answer #1

They should fix it, but they most likely won’t. I’d recommend just getting a mac when your computer finally dies.

Answer #2

I don’t think that the actual motherboard comes with a separate warranty when it is replaced unless you actually purchase the motherboard upon the replacement. The warranty, as far as I know, only counts for the computer it’s self to insure that it stays functioning. Not the actual parts.

When it comes to the issue, since they did replace the motherboard and it did work for you for a certain time, I do believe they consider the issue being ‘fixed’ on their end. The fact that it happened again suggests that there’s something more going on, but again, they will believe it to be a done deal once they have replaced it again. They should fix it until they’ve fixed the problem properly, but they unfortunately don’t work that way.

My suggestion? Check around to see if others have had similar issues with the same kind of computer you have. Sometimes they have solutions that can help out.

Answer #3

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Answer #4

your warrenty lies with bell, sorry dell and not the parts they supply. in an ideal world yes it should be separate but its not.

so if they replaced the motherboard [mobo] and yet the problem has returned then the main source of teh problem lies elsewhere.

ring ring hello dell support hello my gpu is playing up. ok we’ll replace teh soundcard.

see what i mean.

you can argue that whilst under warranty you were promised that it was repaired and because the problem sitll persists then you want them to check all other components before changing the mobo again and later down the line finding yourself in the same situation, again.

what exactly is the problem your experiencing?

Answer #5

The thing where you part in the ethernet cable keeps braking. Its really annoying, because I am really gentle with them. Apparently the only way it can be fixed is to replace the motherboard. I hate calling dell. They cant understand my accent (even though its a New Zealand call centre…)

Answer #6

ok hold on… their supplying you with broken motherboard ports from their motherboard off their motherboards?

whats their number?

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