Most embarrassing thing at school?

What’s the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you or that you have done at school?

Here are a few of mind:

-got locked out of the bathroom and peed my pants in 2 grade. -choked on the water I was drinking and spat it out everywhere in the middle of class (in a college speech class). -opened a pop that exploded in the middle of my environmental biology class in college. -walked out of the bathroom with my fly unzipped…infront of my whole choir class…twice!

Please tell me that someone else has experiences like these!

Answer #1

HAHAHAH, I have a good one.. My class and I were in the lab, looking us stuff about puberty or something in grade 6, the teacher had left and everyone was reading stuff we weren’t suppose to ( about penis’s and stuff haha) and I didnt really want to so I just sat there, well my friend clicked on it and in big letters on the top of the screen it read TEEN PUBERTY and it had all this stuff about guys parts and stuff, written in big letters and the teacher walked in and everyone got off, but my computer screen was facing the door so anyone who walked in could read it. and I didnt know the anyone had walked in. and the computer were SLOW so im trying to exit out of it and I hear a deep male voice “ Teen puberty… Interesting topic Kendra” I was like no I.. he cut me off and starting this big conversation about it, and it looked like I was the only one on it because everyone had seen him come in and got out of it. I was like SO embarrassed because he read some of it off my screen and it was about like how to kiss as well and it looked like I was SUPER uneducated .. ugh I felt SO stupid. and I had forgotten about it until I was trying to think of something embarrassing aha.

Answer #2

hmm 4th grade: I dont remember exactly why but I burst into tears in the middle of class when my teacher said something to me basically grades 1-12: fell flat on my face (once infront of the whole school at leaving time, my headmaster was right behind me and I was in a skirt…)

Answer #3

I went into the girls washroom :) and all the time I was thinking why are there girls in the boys washroom and why are the girls staring at me… it didnt click until AFTER I left :)

Answer #4

overit…ha ha ha…you are hilarious! nice.

Answer #5

tis so hard being a girl…we require those couches!
…something tells me you’ve been on that couch…

more than once…

Answer #6

-Fell alseep on the bus in grade 2 and stayed at the bus station for half a day -Peeped on a basketball my first day cause I couldn’t find the washroom -Fell off the stage when I was performing -Walked out of the bathroom with my skirt tucked into myshirt so you could see my undies -had slupree dumped on my head -got locked in handcufts as a joke ended up breaking my wrist

  • while playing bball I scored on our team 3 times before someone told me we switched halfs -had a pen explode all over me in soical class -Had to dance with some guy with warts on his hands in gym class next day I was sporting a wart on my hand -Was pants numerous times on pj day -Walked into the boys bathroom saw some guys ding dong -Got lost in the woods on a outdoor ed trip -Swinging on a bathroom stall and ended up breaking it and saw someone peeing -fell alseep in class and was drawn on in perment marker

Theres probably so much morre but thats some of the most embassing

Answer #7

haha one timee I was in Parenting Class I was in gr 11 and I was wearing these pants that were super big on me and my best friend was grabbing on to them and I guess she accedentally grabbed them to hard and pulled down and they fell down to my feet infront of my whole class they all saw my underwear…haha

Answer #8

haha, one time I was in the library, and everyone left… I ended up getting loccked in for about half an hour untill the principle came! haha oh theres been so many other things too though!

Answer #9

I got caught drinking wine with a few friends in highschool and we were really drunk. All but one teacher did not know it, good thing the teacher didn’t squeal :)

Answer #10

I had to sit by this annoying idiot and so one day I was telling my best friend about it and she’s like that’s my brother I was like oh ok scratch that thought

Answer #11

heyyou—whoa…someone’s a little slow! ha ha, I don’t have much room to talk…I have a lot of blonde moments…

Answer #12

my mom worked at my school during 6th and 7th grade… as a lunch lady… and she made sure she told everyone she recognized how to eat healthy

Answer #13

When my mum started working at my high school. As if I wasn’t bullied enough before… ;)

Answer #14


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