Most and least painful piercings?

What were you most painful piercings rate from least to most.
I'm just curious cause I know each has there own pain tolerance.

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Ears - Doesn't hurt
Bridge - Doesn't hurt. No matter what anyone says IT DOESN'T HURT AT ALL! It felt like a little prick.
Lip - Some what, but not all that much, putting the ring through it hurt more than the piercing.
Septum - Hurt quite a bit, mainly because it hits a few nerves.
Gauging - Doesn't hurt if you know little tricks to it.

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I have had my ears, nose and lip done

they were all bareable...

ears hurt less, then nose and lip hurt the most...but I wud have them all done agen if I had to .. its really not that bad... it hurts less than some people make out

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all I know is that a smiley piercings hurts NONE whatsoever.
and they are pretty uncommon too which is kindof cool.

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Ears don't hurt but you will feel a slight prick. They should do both at the same time now so that it hurts less.

Top of the ear hurts more than the lobe area because it is brittle and boney. That has a throb for about 2 minutes afterwards.

Navel does not hurt at all - I didn't realize the piercer had finished and was already clearing up. If you really concentrate you will feel the coldness of it.

Tongue hurt the most for me. It was painful when it went through but nothing I couldn't stand and I am a wimp!! The pain went away after it was cleared up but when I went to bed that night I kinda wished I didn't have it because of the uncomfortableness. But now I couldn't imagine myself without it.


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the belly button didnt hurt what so ever I laughed and was like omg do it again, ears dont hurt, but my tongue, that kinda hurt but for like what 4 sec

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some of the most painful peircing are the nipples, and any in your private area
least hurting are the rears
everything else is generally in between more or less

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Ears dont hurt (dont let people fool u) nose doesnt hurt lip doesnt hurt snake bites dont hurt nipples HURT LIKE HELL getting your vagina lip pierced doesnt hurt. Sure they all hurt for a split second but hell it goes away before you know what happened

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clit hurt; during and very much after.
lip piercing (all three) hurt after, a lot - especially the inside. felt so sore!
tounge no'1; didn't hurt too bad. after lived on mcdonalds milshakes for 3 days lol!
tounge ni'2; hurt like hell. too close to a nerve on the bottom of tounge had to take out
nose septum; hurt a lot, especailly if wiped my nose and forgot about it lol!
ear x 16; piece of pee, except cartlidge at top was sore!
niplles; hurt - ouch!
bellybutton; very sore, had to remove. not far enough behind epidermis and started to grow out :O( (common wth eyebrows I hear)
LEAST PAINFUL; my clit hood. I could have 'it' just two ours after. no after pain or anything.
nose, either side. not painful, unless I had a stud in and it hit my septum...

overall - my pain threshold isn't what it was, and I'm not sure if I could have any of them done ever again lol! had my lip done again 2 years ago, but why little boy kept tugging on the ring and my lip swelled so much the ring was digging in and staring to tear te inside of my lip, so I had to remove it - v painful - WARNING if you do this within 4 days of piercing, the hole can heal as quck as 15 minutes - as in, not able to push something through without - very REAL PAIN - so I didnt', I don't have that piercing anymore, just a scar...

Does it hurt more when you get your tongue pierced, or when you get your bellybutton pierced?

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Nose - didn't hurt
Ears - didn't hurt
Eyebrow - hurt a bit
Lip - hurt a lot the day after I got it done
Clitoral - didn't hurt
Belly button - more pain than expected but nothing I couldn't stand.

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ears dont hurt
belly button doesnt hurt
nose pinches a little but its not that bad
cartilage doesnt hurt
tragus does hurt somewhat but nothing you cant stand

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belly button doesnt hurt I was laughing haha, erm toungue hurt a bit and couldnt eat for a while after, ears dont hurt, my lip didnt either when I had that done.

Is the nose piercing suppose to sting and burn a little after having it pierced?
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Well I got my eyebrow pierced.. and it didn't hurt at all. But after a day It got infected and was the size of a golfball(no lie) so I had to go to the hospital. Yeah the infection was painful.. and icky. : /

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I have my belly, tragus, anti tragus, and two cartlidge piercings at the top of my ear, being honest out of all of them i think my belly hurt the worst and my tragus hurt the least. hope this helps!

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What are the least painful ear piercings?

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