Boys are retarded?!!

okay so I had this boyfriend and he was really nice..but one week there was a school dance and I decided to chill with my bff..he went and he hooked up with this girl and I was completely crushed..but now me and he have been texting a lot and he always puts <3'ss in his texts and he tells me he loves me..the other day I asked him if he still liked me and he was like that was random I dont know...all of my friends are telling me to let it go but I just cant I don't know its what should I do?

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You need to listen to your friends, if you get back with him, you'll feel obligated to go with him everywhere becos if you let him out on his own you'll be scared he is hooking up with another chick again, how can you trust him? do yourself a favour and move on, you deserve better.

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let it go to me it sounds like u r just a girl to him that he can go to wen he is bord wit his life so just leave him alone

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Well he can't love you one day and the next be? just dont chase him ....let him chase you cuz guy like that....they want to be in controll... just look cute and smile at him a lot... you can always send him a text (after he sends one to you... ;)* something for your cheek..hehehe (this is text for a kiss....but I'm sure you knew that!

he'll bush over that one..... good luck

hes such a retard...

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