money. im pregnant. its needed.

im 16 and pregnant I need to know how to make money.. not for me for my babys daddy ..the baby will be here in a few months please help.

Answer #1

Get a job at a grocery store Or ask your parents if they can lend you some money and pay them back when you get a job :o

Answer #2

Apply for a job at the vet! You can walk dogs and play with the cats that’s pretty much all you have to do I don’t know how old you have to be though. Get a job as a bagger at a local store, um..what about a yard sale - old piled up stuff?

Answer #3

never meant to say it in a cruel way the way you put it just sound off most young girls these dayz get preg. for all the wrong reasons and end with wit a kid they dont care about and a man that dont care about them hate to see that happen to a baby sorry. have you tried unemployed you can file up to a year if hes had a job within a year look on line for workin a home selling thing not avon they suck but other stuff look into it!

Answer #4

thank you (:

Answer #5

hey…I wish I could help out. but I wish the best for you. I know its tough, but just stick together. ill pray for you. :)

Answer #6

Uhhhmm… I’m not sure… But I think it’s called a job! :D <<<3! I’m jkn… But sinc your only 16, it’s hard to get jobs nowadays… I hope your mans a bit older than that… He really needs to get a job hunn… Get him to go onto like the jobbanks website… Or any website for jobs… I’ll pray fir you guys though… Doesn’t sound like you guys are in a v good condition… :|

Answer #7

Why doesn’t the babys daddy get off his butt and get a job? why do you have to provide for him, it should be the other way around.

Answer #8

what do you mean its not for you its for you baby daddy? he sould the the one wit the cash the last thing you need is a bum for you child father

Answer #9

thAnk you everyone for the advice. but I dont live with my parents.

Answer #10

hes not a bum. hes been looking for a job. we live in south florida and right now its VERY hard to find a job here. hes been looking for one. and hes been great. im not here looking for critisism im here looking for help.

Answer #11

The service does have a lot of benifits…I’m pregnant too and my man is joining the air-force. There is an auto-matic 13,000 signing bonus. You still have to go through basic training and a little techschool before your wife or whatever can move on base or another location with you. Air-force pays very well. Another good thing about that is that unlike military/army they don’t put you on the front line fighting so its safer and more flexible.

Answer #12

If you and your boyfriend, baby-daddy, are very serious, then you should save up a little bit of money and get married. After you get married, your newly wedded husband can join a branch of service and you can live with him after bootcamp and tech school. This will take about 5 to 10 months depending on which service he choose but during that time you will be getting money from the governemnt. This will give him a job, a roof over your familys head, and a bright future to look forward to. There are a lot of benifits in joining the military, tell him to look it up. Hopefully my answer helps and its not too late for others to comment. Good luck!

Answer #13

okie dokie. I really appreciate everyones advice I honestly do from the bottom of my heart. but I think I worded the question the wronq way. I need to find a job. not for me to work because my boyfriend insists that I stay at hom. I need to help Him find a job so that the money cominq in can support our family. (:

thats what I meant to say in the first place. aqain thank you for the advice that you’ve qiven. love verity.

Answer #14

I was going to say he should be looking for work but it seems like he alreday is still, you need to be making money for your baby not really for its dad if the baby is on its way youll both need to help out so you can afford things like its , necessities you need to care and clean it, food, cot, ect making money is no easy task and there are very few things that will get you money quickly asking people for a lend is one way as is selling soem of yout possetions that you dont need or could get qquite a bit for places like ebay are a good place to start selling or at cash converters/pawn shops and you can even start a garage sale

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