Where to get money to pay for my iPhone every month?

I am 14 and I really want an iphone, but my mom dosent want to pay for the bill every month. so I said whats if I could pay for $50 a month. PROBLEM…where can I get $50 dollars every month? any ideas? anything will do!!!

Answer #1

all depends on where you live and the laws there for 14 year olds working. All I can tell you is get odd jobs like cutting grass, shovel snow, etc. In ohio your not allowed to work pass 10pm.

Answer #2

amblessed has written up extensive lists of job ideas. Do a search and you should find them.

Good for you to be learning responsibility this early!!! Good Luck!!

Answer #3

saturday job? babysitting, dog walking etc? only things I can really think of for a 14 year old good luck!

Answer #4

Ummm I’ve Got The Iphone Its Crap! If The Battery Breaks Yuu Have To Buy A Whole New Phone Which Costs Around £300, I Dont Think Its Worth It!

Why Not Try The New LG Phone My Brother Has That And Its Amazing!

Why Not Try Selling Some Of Yuur Old Unwanted Stuff On And Buying Cheap Stuff Of fThe Internet Like Sale Items From ‘Asos’ And Sell Them On For A Little Bit Of Profit x

Answer #5

You’ll have to check the laws in your area - may require a permit..some ideas:

Baby sitting (only for persons that are trustworthy) Chores for trustworthy neighbors Car wash Bake sale Bus boy/girl Store stocker Paper route Dog walking Grocery store Lemonade stand Paint House number on street curb House sitting Message Delivery Pharmacy Delivery City, County, State and other government-run Youth Programs Vacation and Tourism spots Hotels/Resorts Parks and recreational areas Swimming pools, golf courses and campground facilities Day and summer camps Amusement/Theme/Entertainment parks Museums, Zoos and Aquariums Airport concession firms Childcare and Eldercare providers Health care facilities Business services (including) Moving and packing companies Pool and spa companies Lawn care and other maintenance companies Construction companies Movie theaters Fast food and restaurant establishments Ice cream parlors, juice bars Clothing and accessory stores Newspaper / Magazine Distribution

Legal Considerations: Not many people are aware that they break the law when they work without fulfilling the basic requirements that involve teenage work. So let us see, what this is actually. Note this is not an exhaustive list and hence for accuracy you should check with your local guardian or legal advisor (at school or at any social center). Also be aware the each State & Country may have different laws that cover teenagers working conditions.

Timings: Teenagers below 14 years old are usually not encouraged to work in offices. For those above 14 and above they should not be working at night. The legal hours are any time between 7 am to 7 PM ‘ of course ensuring that school is taken care of. Those between 16-19 years of age can be free to work as much and as long as they please. However, girls should always be wary and careful when working nights as crime increases at night. Work areas: Teenagers may work anywhere they can be engaged with the exception of places where they could endanger themselves or others, such as construction sites, repair sites or garages, chemical and other types of processing, mining, messenger jobs, warehousing, adult clubs and bars. Social security number: There are places where teens need a social security number to receive payment; Taxes: Most of the time teen jobs do not involve tax payments and need not have any dedication in the paychecks. However, you need to consult the local IRS to ascertain this. Each state and country has its own set of rules and what is valid in one may not be in another. Do not take anything for granted. Keep in mind that legal aspects are serious matters and you do need complication with the law. Check and be sure you fulfill all the legal formalities applicable for teenagers before you even apply for work. Ask the help of a responsible adult, such as your parents, teachers or relatives and seek out the correct answers - no such thing as a stupid question.

Wish you the best and always be alert, putting safety first !!

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