Modern Movies: Most of them are terrible!

can I ask, why are the standards and qaulity of movies dropping so low, everyone I know agrees with me, they spend millions on actors and special affects thinking that will please us? with a poorly constructed and pradictable plot, not ll movies but msot do this now.. I dont understand, I want to be a film director to try make standards bettet, but atm… dont directors and produces care? does modern day society really lack that passion? intesity and desire to create a reel of visual beauty?

You cant say because people have no more ideas anymore, cause thats aload of rubbish, because me and other writters or people who want to direct and prouduce come up with really good constucted plots, that ooze passion and beauty, so basicly I want to know, why dont film makers care any more? I beleive every movie should be a peice of visual art work, films should be beautiful or artristic (even in a shocking horror way) but why has this happned, movies used to be beautiful or incredily contructed, or even brave and shocking, why has standards plummeted?

Answer #1

I think modern movies are better.

For certain, the acting is better in today’s movies. Certainly there are a lot of today’s movies that are pure and utter crap, but take, for example, the last few years of best actors and actresses, no matter what you think, the old guys will never equal their acting chops.

Acting school is just way better now too. In the old days, it was mostly stage as experience, so actors nature was to “project”, which if you look at an old movie versus a new film these days, looks amateurish and embarassing.

Look at Clint Eastwood’s movies in the last 5 years, they’re like 1000 times better than anything he’s ever done in his life before. Sure some of the old ones were iconic, but now, these new films deserve the oscars they get, because they’re well, umm, fantastic.

Also, the movies that survive re-showing now, were the best of the best back in the day. I’m sure you would be repelled by “Killer Monster of the Amazon Jungle” circa 1930’s as well as you rightly should be by “Waterworld”.

Answer #2

what the heck are you talking bout! movies today are just as good as back then. not saying there arent any bad movies out today but there are a ton of horrible movies that are older

Answer #3

yeah suppose there ar every good movies being pushed away by bad ones

its just for the past couple of years I dont see a reason anymore for going to the cinema anymore, theres nothing worth mine or my friends time (or there rarely is)

Answer #4

I know there are good films with good plots for example pans labarynth the orphange hard candy, e.c.t

im tlaking about the masess of movies, I wud lsit but it wud be endless

Answer #5

Ugh, I totally agree. You cant even go to a theater and see a decent movie anymore. My friends are all “lets go to the movies” and I look on the listings and there is NOTHING worth seeing, ever. I don’t know the reason why this is happening but it sucks because my town doesn’t have much to do, but with have a nice theater with nothing good playing. Bo0o!

Answer #6

im mostly tlaking about plots

but I consider acting is better (in some cases such as the more experinced actors, not in all, seeing as amature teenage disney stars have the acting skills of a cardbord box)

Answer #7

Yeah, but the masses of movies back in the day sucked balls too :-) We’re just seeing the best ones that survived the era.

Now, any Jack or Jill can buy a digital camera and make a movie. Stands to reason that we will have a lot of sucky movies out there now, because the market is flooded.

Don’t even talk about the studio system these days, where bad movies push away great, but smaller movies.

My point is that the system encourages the production of movies these days, bad or good, and its harder and harder to make a good movie (pan’s labrynth) that will get a good audience, because bad movies push them out based on the schedule of the theatres.

That’s why I almost only watch movies from Netflix these days — I can get all the good movies (redbelt), and ignore the bad ones :-)

Answer #8

Plots are good these days too. Case in point, almost any David Mamet film.

Just saw “Redbelt”… total immersion and tension from the opening frame all the way to the end.

Almost all of David Cronenberg’s films are totally great.

Performances by all actors and directors are generally uneven. Some of Hitchcock’s works really sucked, while others were brilliant.

One thing I notice is that the older a movie gets, the more highly rated it gets as the years pass. Even if it sucked back in the day (which it invariably did).

Answer #9

…because the masses are more easily entertained.

Answer #10

omg hell yea I think the best moives tat came out are sweeney todd and the dark knight uter than those the rest have been preety shitty

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