Do we have a mobile funadvice app?

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Well there isn;t really one, but if you have iternet connection on your phone you can use it.

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No, but maybe if we all spam Jeremy with suggestions for an app he'll make one :D because that would honestly make my life.

Who thinks funadvice should have a mobile version or an iPhone app?

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No "mobile FA." I get on here with my iPod Touch quite a bit and I see it just like you would on a computer. Depending on what phone and service you have you can probably see and post questions and status updates among a few other things on here. No direct photos though. I think you have to use for that... Jeremy and Colleen and would generally know more about things like that than I :)

funadvice wont let me
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People already have suggested it to my knowledge. I don't remember exactly but I think Jeremy once said he was trying to get whoever to make an app for FA ...

FunAdvice Mobile?

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I love that ><.

Can I use FunAdvice from my mobile?
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U can post from ur phone, put send to

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nop...there isnt a mobile thing but in some mobiles who support....the pc page comes exactly the way as it comes on a pc...posting is possible with a certain type of phone which supports it...

Who else thinks that it would be a good idea to create a "Funadvice" app?
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I wish we had that now, I do hope it's on the to-do list.

When will FunAdvice make a free app for the iPod Touch?

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Yeah, anyone can make a free app through Google's app inventor. I was thinking about doing it, but if he has someone lined up then it would be worth their time looking into it.

Is FunAdvice coming out with an app for iPhone and such?
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if wee dont have it soon i will declare war!

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