What are some good and free MMORPGs?

What are some good fully free MMORPG’s out there that are 3D and high-quality gameplay, graphics, and effects?

Answer #1


I’ve heard pretty good things about Runescape. And I also believe it’s free.

If you’re willing to shell out $15/month, WoW is amazing.

Answer #2

World of warcraft is insane to buy when you could just buy Guild wars because it has just about the same concept, you don’t have to wait forever when traveling from place to place, AND you only have to buy the disc.

So Guild wars is a great game!!! I also would recommend Last Chaos, which is completely free with some pretty decent graphics… but the map systems kind of confused me, and after about four or five months I got completely bored with it… I didn’t play it all the time either, I’m not that big of a gamer.

Answer #3

I play last chaos

Answer #4

Ok I am a MMORPG nerd. Runescape - Awful Graphics, boring game play, I dont recommend it Guildwars - great game, but you have to buy the disc first and that can be expensive from there World Of Warcraft - bad graphics, and 14.95 a month?! ridiculous! Flyff - fun game, completely free, you just have to download it (thats free too) good graphics Maple Story - Never played, heard it was simalar to Flyff, I know its completely free too tho

So I recomend Guildwars, but if you dont have $40-50 to start out with, then I would have to recomend Flyff, you can download it from gpotato.

Answer #5

Guildwars - the initial disc is like 20-30$ and is totally free from theron

Answer #6

if you want you could pay 15$ a month and have WAY more fun on WoW.

Answer #7

from games I have tried

Conquer 2.0 - fun but the ghraphics are 2d sadly Perfect World - its okay and I got adddicted to it for a while Eudemon Online - almost like conquer but a few added things Guild Wars - I bought 3 of the disks and it was a great choice. Requiem - adult mmmorpg because of the blood and parcial nudity or something but it is an interestingly good game

I would try guild wars , perfect world, conquer 2.0 , and requrim if old enough

Answer #8

I heard of another game called 2 moons. it looks pretty cool, but im having problems with the patch system…

Answer #9

RuneScape is a pretty fun game, if you can pay like $5 a month you can do all sorts of stuff…

Answer #10

DECO ONLINE :P…im addicted <3

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