Minimum age on internet??

What age do you think a child should be allowed on the internet on their own?

My ten year old has asked for a pc for christmas…do you think it’s too young to have a computer..

It won’t be in his room, it’ll go in the study where my computer was going to go… Mines going to go in the conservatory now (I can’t study with him in the same room)

But him not having the computyer in his own bedroom should help, shouldn’t it??

I worry, please advise…

Answer #1

at 10 its pretty young to give him one of his own so perhaps allow him to use it or have it as a “family computer” and give him a certain amount of time with it on certain days do block sites that you dont want him to access do tell him not to give out any personal information at 10 make sure hes doesnt get an account on a social networking site because its a bit young to be making “friends” all over the country dont block everything you think might be harmfull though, like information about sex and the risks, ect…or things like that if your worried about your child tell him he can always come to you with questions and youll do your best to answer him make sure hes on helpul sites that offer good information its a great source for him to learn about new things and play games or watch videos also make sure he doesnt spend too mch time on it as its can affect not only his life and social life later on but also physically and metntally and yes, dont let him have it in his room otherwise hes likley to rebel and look at things he knows you dont want him too look at also hes likley to spend more time on it than he should

Answer #2

I think the youngest a child should be on the internet alone is from ages 12-14…Fourteen is probably a little high though. It would definitely be a good idea NOT to keep the computer in his room. There’s so many bad people that could trick him into doing something bad, like looking up inappropriate pictures or make him try to buy something by getting a hold of your credit card. There’s so many things that could happen. If you do decide to give him a computer in his room for any reason, he should only be able to play games on it. If it’s not in his room you can allow internet, but you should definitely block chat-rooms, Myspace, etc…Tell him that he has a certain amount of time on the computer as well. I’d use a program so that you can see what he looked up after he gets off. He may be able to work around the blocked sites though so I really don’t recommend him roaming the internet!

Answer #3

generally I do not allow him to go on certain sites…and he is restricted, he knows if he goes on ones he’s not supposed to go on, he looses internet privaledges…(I’m an ogre lol!) he is allowed on cbeebies, cbbc, lego site and a few aimed at younger children. I do feel that in a society which revolves so heavily on internet and computer skils, learning to use one and being comfortabe with it is essential…

but I look on sites sometimes, where people communicate with each other and I think, my god! how can someone say something like that, or what if they listen to that…

but he knows if he abuses the luxury of being able to use it, he’ll loose it…just wierd to think that my 10 year old could talk to someone and have an influence over him…it’s very easy to manipulate a child, especially over the net :( you hear of cases all the time..v sad… who needs more horror stories!

Answer #4

I agree ^ there’s a product called net nanny that monitors sites and stuff, I’d also block myspace, facebook etc… Create an administrator account so you can control what his account sees…

Answer #5

its OK to let him go to the internet, there a parental blocks for safety reasons that block out certain websites that you can use. having the computer away from his room should help you keep an eye on him. in this generation a kid is going to end up on the internet at a younger age. I went on the internet for the first time when I was around 8. just make sure you watch what he goes on. its also good to get some antivirus and antispyware just in case=)

Answer #6

10 , I think is very young to allow him to be on it on his own because a lot of things online will easly be exposed to him ,or just like the above said , set somthing to moniter the sites he goes .. .

Answer #7

I doubt you will care about my opinion, but I think 10 is a perfect age to have a personal computer. I mean I got mine when I was 9 and I took good care to it. but it was crap and fell apart (im serious, not my fault at all). I actually would hate it if my parents would put a parental block on my computer. I mean, I should be free to roam the internet. (yes boys go on certain sites, but that is normal.) so if I were you I would let him have it in his room. but if not, dont monitor his sites or anything cause that is lack of privacy. PM me if you want any advice on this subject or just want to discuss about it.

Answer #8

my 9 year old brother has his own laptop.

Answer #9

That will be good, just establish and go over ‘ground rules’ , like NEVER give out personal info to anyone (real name/address/city/phone, etc) - if needed, there are programs that run invisible in the background to track activity - not in his room, excellent…Take care !!

Answer #10

Honestly? With a few years of being on the computer, he could easily find out how to bypass all the stuff you put on there.

Best bet is to explain how you don’t want him on certain sites. Everyone bashes “myspace, Facebook” and says how bad it is. Coming from a 15 year old (me) It’s not bad at all. Just tell your 10 year old how dangerous that it could be. If your 10 year old is very impressionable then I suggest steering him clear of those sites. I started the internet at age 9, I’ve been tricked into some nasty porn sites. But you always learn. I’m not sure how many people would agree with me when I say let him have a myspace, It’s not really that bad. Your child’s profile is set private and he can choose to accept friends HE knows.

The internet is fun, yet dangerous. Go over the rules with him (which you probably already have) and it should be fine.

once again, the programs you find like “nanny” or “lavasoft” can be uninstalled, Easily. If you put a parental block on the computer or something like that it’s going to make him want to break the rules even more. A simple talking to would work… If not.. Cut the net from him.

Answer #11

he can’t use the family computer, I’m always on it, hense him wanting his own. I’m at uni so I can’t risk him loosing any of my data and I’m not having more than one account, it slows it down, plus he goes on certain gaming sites and always, somehow, manages to crash my computer…not just mine, my mums comp and my dads! so he’s kind of banned anyway..

I wouldn’t have blocks on the computer, I just don’t agree with them, I think that the deterant should be the loss of the privaledge, I don’t agree with saying no, I just explain to him that if he goes on them, I won’t be able to trust him…and trust is priceless… but they have internet access at school, and I want him to be confident using it at home, rather than just at school where he has ‘friends’ trying to show him dodgy stuff…

weighing up what everyone has said, he will have one, there’s games he wants to play and films he likes to watch, but he can’t use my computer… and socially, he’s not allowed out, he can have friends over, but I don’t allow ‘street play’…

it’s difficult, but I think, after reading everything, he will get one. it will be in the study, not in his bedroom, so he won’t have access to it at 2am (he’s fast asleep then anyway) but I can monitor the amount of times he’s on it. but he wants to learn about stuff, and the internet is a great resource…

oh well…better get my bro building one now for xmas lol! :)

Answer #12

he wants it to play games on (like my little bro - I use the term ‘little’ very loosley, he’s 21 and 6ft4) but he started playing online games really young…they had elves and things like that , a kind of D&D / lord of the rings thing…

but he doesn’t want my space or anythign like that, just gaming sites…

Answer #13

lavasoft adaware helps to block filthy websites, im still using the 2005 version, I find it doesnt slow the pc down as much as the 2008 version. oh and you can also add sites to the list as which to block.

Answer #14

I’m 24. it wasn’t too long ago I was the questionable daughter on the internet LOL. Ten is a young age to let him have personal access to the internet. having it in a shared room is a good idea. but being from the “MySpace” generation, DO NOT LET HIM HAVE A MYSPACE ACCOUNT! I would say even when he’s 14 don’t let him have one! Chat rooms are “iffy” too. I think at age 10, a computer should be a resource for education and learning

Answer #15

I started at 9

Answer #16

I guess 10 is okay but you should set up some thing that lets you monitor the sites he goes on or just block site that you wouldn’t like him to go on. thats all you can do really and yes don’t put the computer in his room. [=

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