What do you think about Miley Cyrus' new style ?

Answer #1

she is trying way too hard to get attention

Answer #2

i dont like it :/ its like shes trying to fit in with lady gaga and her new song is sounds like she cant reach the high notes O.o

Answer #3

yeah exactly! she’s just copying (early) britney spears and lady gaga! she needs to stick with an original style, also i saw on E news that she made out with a girl on her latest peerformance of “can’t be tamed” ssorry miley but the whole lesbian thing has already been done, STOP TRYING SO HARD! lol

Answer #4

she sang live on Britains Got Talent earlier this week OH MY GOSH it was lame |:

Answer #5

haha i know right! yeah i def don’t like her!

Answer #6

I don’t like her now, I never have.

Answer #7

I agree! She is horrible and she always has been!

Answer #8

i dont like her at all!!!!HATE her!!!!

Answer #9

STOOOP HATIN’ on MILLLLEEEEEY guys, you guys are just jealous, she’s a young star, STILL trying to figure herself out. she’s made it this far, farther than anyone of you will ever make it. SHE’s a person, flesh and bones just like you, STOP HATIN’ she’s beautiffffffffffful :)

Answer #10

LOL were only expressing our opinions (: if we dont like her,we dont like her….simple.

Answer #11

Exactly :)

Answer #12

i think shes putting on a REALLY bad image for little girls who really look up to her

Answer #13

I only like one song of hers which is ‘’When I look at you’’ other then that. I don’t care to much about her.

Answer #14

i know it’s that simple. but i’m SIMPLLLLY saying stop hating, and i’m expressing my opinon, AHAHAHAHAHAHA people these days…

Answer #15

like honestly, who in thier RIGHT mind starts a questiona about hating miley cyrus, have nothing better to do with your life???? huhh?

Answer #16

like honestly, who in thier RIGHT mind starts a questiona about hating miley cyrus, have nothing better to do with your life???? huhh?

Answer #17

well dont question our opinion then “you guys are just jealous” im not why be jealous of her ?

Answer #18

i COULD question your opinonn ALLLLLLLLLLLLL i want ;) im not saying YOU in general is jealous but your obviously putting way to much effort into hating someone, get a life? and let her beeeeeee!!!!

Answer #19

brieezee420, She hasn’t dont ‘’a lot of work’’ unless of course you call making a stage directed video a lot of work, then sure, she has done a lot of work. Truthfully, she hasn’t done squat and she doesn’t deserve half the money and attention she’s getting.

Answer #20

my question doesnt say anything about hating miley cyrus does it ? it says “what do you think about miley cyrus’ new style?” i wanted people to tell me what they thought of her new image shes showing us.

Answer #21

and did i say i hated her ? nope i just dont like the new style of hers (: so dont jump the gun and start saying things that i havnt even said

Answer #22

so your saying allll the shows and movies and videos and photoshooots isnt her working hard for her money, actually that is. your obviously BLINNNNNND. she made her money fair and square and you WISH you could make just as much money as herr, thats why your hating on her. i’m not saying this stuff because i LOVE her, i could care less what she doess with her life. but i think it’s pretty werid that people are creating questions about hating someone, i mean come on, cant do anything better with your time but hate on someone you dont know jack about!!! get a liiiiiiife man.

Answer #23

OMG if shes earning money good for her i couldnt care less all i said was i dont like her NEW style cant YOU do anything better with your time than trying to argue with me ?

Answer #24

maybe if you took a second look at what i posted, i said you GUYS stop hatin’ on her,i wasn’t talking to you in genereal so dont think your specail, i was talking to ALLLL OF you. hating on someone could be a bunch of things. saying you dont like the way she dresses is hating, no matter how you put it or sugar coat it.

Answer #25

Oh yes, it’s very hard work being an actor and have someone tell you exactly what to do, I’d die of exhaustion from doing that! Because after all, a miner, construction worker, Marine, or a general’s job isn’t equally as exhausting right? That’s why they get paid less…

Again, you’re putting quite a lot of effort to defend some you don’t even know. Do you even have a right to say we don’t have lives?

Answer #26

actuuuualllly, you had every right to reply to what i said, and so do i. i’m replllllly to my ALERTSSSSSSSSSS!! your lucky thier’s a filterrrr ;)

Answer #27

yes and i said were only stating OUR opinion talking about everyone in general and i dont think im special you dont even know me (:

Answer #28

she dresses is hating, no matter how you put it or sugar coat it.** this is redudant. You CAN dislike certain features about a person but to not like them all together is absurd.

Answer #29

your putting quite alot of effort as welllllll. i dont care about miley, never have never will. but i kinda care when people go so low to talk about someone THEY DONT KNOW AS WELLLL.

Answer #30

Same goes for you, in case you haven’t realized what you’ve been typing. I think you need to look back and work your brain to understand what you’ve been saying, let the words process very slowly and try to understand that your judgment and preconcieved notions don’t make you look any better than Bill Clinton when the U.S. found out about the white water scandal.

Answer #31

KAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, get a life. byee ;) have funnnn talking about miley, your just jealouuuuuuuuuuuuus! dont reply because frankly i dont give a flyyyyyyyyyyyying * what you have to say, you obviously need to do something with your time. I GUESS THIS IS IT!!!! byeee. no life.

Answer #32

My point proven, good luck making out of your shallow puddle.

Answer #33

i guess she has to do something with her life (: thanks miguel ;D x

Answer #34

You’re welcome, I’m not sure what on earth she was blabbering about but I didn’t get any coherence other than some misinterpretation and lack of understanding by her part. But you know, she can’t swallow her pride and move on.

Answer #35

yup its not like shes best friends with her anyways :L

Answer #36

lmfao, i THINK saying bye is moving on?

andddddddd i’m sorry i ruined you guys’s hate parade because i actually said something postive about her..

Answer #37

I also think that I wasn’t directing anything to you, did you catch my drift or do I need to use smaller words for you?

Answer #38

and i think you said you wasnt going to comment anymore? doesnt mean we cant cause it is my question (: Bye (:

Answer #39

i can DO whateveer the F**k i want regardlesss! i wish there was a way to avoid you but everytime you reply it shows up in my alerts, my bad that it’s annnooying and i can’t help reeading what you have to saYY. and i’m not just gonna sit here and let someone talk SHtt about me??? and not say anything!! im gonna stick up for myself.

Answer #40

Well well well, aren’t you rather defensive… I would congratulate you but I’m afraid you might not understand what I’m saying…

Answer #41

i DONT a f**k about what you have to say, lmfao. and i’m not gonna try either.

Answer #42

You really are something… Can’t form a complete sentence if your life depended on it. Cussing like there’s no tomorrow, misunderstanding on purpose, clinging onto your shallow pride, how’s about you jump of your high horse and get a dose of reality will you?

Answer #43

She can die for all i care :) i hate her .

Answer #44

i dont like her because of her weird pictures on internet..which are not at all inspiring.

Answer #45

I still like her personally. I mean hey its her life and her career so let her do what she wants. I guess she just wants to break out of that Disney image and I don’t see anything wrong with that

Answer #46

yess brieezee420 why carry it on when you said you was gonna stop commenting ? k bye (:

Answer #47


Answer #48

Why would you wish death on someone? That’s a little extreme don’t you think

Answer #49

Oh my, slight misunderstanding, before this turns into an argument, Irene means she wouldn’t be moved by her death. Simple?

Answer #50

I don’t know to me it just sounded that way. I didn’t want to start an argument or anything

Answer #51

That’s why I’m clarifying before it turns into one, no harm done :)

Answer #52

“You really are something… Can’t form a complete sentence if your life depended on it. Cussing like there’s no tomorrow, misunderstanding on purpose, clinging onto your shallow pride, how’s about you jump of your high horse and get a dose of reality will you?” I second that. I find it amusing that the 19 year old in this conversation was the one throwing a temper tantrum like a fricking toddler, when the two 14 yr olds were entirely rational in their logic and approach. Brieze, you’d learn a lot about being an adult from these two. Perhaps you should live in their example.

Answer #53

danke himmel (:

Answer #54

Bitte delizzicious :)

Answer #55

Wow that was interesting…

Answer #56

idontlike miley cirus in fact i think she so not mature

Answer #57

I totally agree. I never liked her, but she’s turning into a bit of a sl*t in my opinion. : \ And her singing isn’t even that…well it isn’t good at all. >.> I wonder what she would sound like if autotune hadn’t been invented…

Answer #58

I said she can die for all i care, i never ever said “I want her to die” i dont understand how you understood that from my post, to clarify, what i ment was that she could die right this second & i wouldnt feel any different, nor would i care to any extreme :)

Answer #59

I laughed.. I really did! That was more entertaining then the conversation on Miguels photo. Youuuuuuu guyyyysssssssss need toooooo stoooppp. My alertsssssss are anoyyyingggggg. :) lmfao. My alerts are actually kinda messed up. lol

Answer #60

I can tickle Zoe through a computer! How cool… :P My alerts are off the charts too lol :P

Answer #61

Lol it’s very very true! :) and yeah like i signed in on a different computer. And it told me I had 288 alerts. I was likt WTF!?

Answer #62

I know! and they don’t even bother telling you which alerts are the recent ones! >_> How rude working me up like that!

Answer #63

She’s a talentless waste of humanity and nothing that she says or does should be regarded with seriousness.

Answer #64

For real music, try something with substance such as Tool.

Answer #65

I laughed at ‘I can’t be tamed’. Oh gosh Miley, oh goshh.

Answer #66

Her new song is a bit too Britney Spears. I used to appreciate how she sang in her songs and didn’t use voice changers and techno musically enhanced back tracks. But now shes just like all of the others >_<

Answer #67

i’m not even 19.. lmfao.. deff 16.

Answer #68

she’s turing into a whore

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