Miley cyrus good romodel for kids?

Ok do you think miley is a good romodel for kids? Because I think she isnt at all!! I stoped watching her show at least after 6 months because its started to get alittle trashy anyways ill list the things she has a done and see what you think

  1. Vanity fair topless photo
  2. Innapropriate pics leaked out and sent to nick jonas
  3. 20 year old boyfriend
  4. Belly button piercing
  5. Tatoo of her boyfriend’s initials
  6. Followed around a lot by the paparatzzi like brittany spears is
  7. Made fun of demi lavato and selena gomez’s video on youtube
  8. Racist photo that offended people
Answer #1

I think if you want your kid to be a slut then she the perfect role model..

Answer #2

She’s an awful little slut who’s only fans are from ages 6-11 and it’s disgusting that little kids enjoy watching and listening to her music when she behaves the way she does.

Answer #3

I think shes a scank and my baby cuzin loves her and wont get out of it there are somethings that I can handle but not her I do not think she is an appriate rolomodel for children

Answer #4

Okay everyone. Looks like we like bashing her. She’s human like everyone. I think she was naive with the photo on Vanity Fair. Her dad didn’t even know. Her mom should’ve helped her say “No”. Later she was sorry she let these people take a picture like that. it’s really not trashy. They wanted to show her as more adult like and seductive but she didn’t get a chance nor did her dad to say something before it came out. Nick Jonas should’ve bveen more careful with her pics. It was meant for just his eyes I’m sure. If you sent your boyfriend stuff like this you expect it not to leek out.

Answer #5

No I don’t but I disaree with some ofyour reasons.

Do you have any idea how many girls her age have their bellybutton pierced? That’s nothing. A piercing isn’t a good reason to call someone a bad rolemodel.

It’s not her fault that she’s followed around by paparazzi. They don’t ask permission. They just do it. They follow her around so much because she’s really popular and people always want to know more about her.

She simply made a harmless parody of Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato’s video. If that’s so wrong, half of the videos on YouTube are wrong then.

Besides those few things, I do agree she’s not a good role model. But trust me when I say she’s not the worst.

Answer #6

Miley Cyrus is a horrid person. Her songs have turned way to sexual. Her dating a 20 year old is just way out of line. If her mom wouldn’t let her date someone her age at one time then why the hell is she letting her date a 20 year old? The belly button person is a normal teen thing to do. But the tattoo is just creepy. It’s not like they’re going to last. She’s just not a good role model. I feel sorry for those children who’ve fallen into her black hole.

Answer #7

no she is deffinetly not a good romotel… she is going to turn into britany spears

Answer #8

I HATE Miley & I always will. She is a skank in my eyes. Well then again all Disney Stars are,except Demi Lovato. I think Disney should fire her a$$. She is famous because of her hill billy dad & everyone knows it. She & her dad are trying too hard.

Answer #9

I think shes a scank and my baby cuzin loves her and wont get out of it there are somethings that I can handle but not her I do not think she is an appriate rolomodel for children

Answer #10

I do not think that she is a good role model for kids. Just that photo on the magazine did it for me. I did not know about the bellybutton peircing, but that is now on my list too. I did not know about the other things, because I don’t ever watch the show. If I do, I try to only pay attention to the person who plays her friend.

Answer #11

No, I think she is a horrible role model. It makes me sick to see so many younger kids obsessed with her.

Also, she is a Disney Star. With that you are supposed to uphold the Disney name and she is obviously not doing that. It’s only a matter of time before they kick her off the Disney Channel because of her behaviour.

Answer #12


I just know one of these days she’s going to do something bad (maybe get pregnet at early age, or something…) and all these 11 and 10 year old fans will follow her and do that…

… :( She’s an awful rolemodel…

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