Why is Miley Cyrus so famous?

why is miley cyrus so famous?! I’m not saying she doesn’t have any talent. but it seems like she’s only famous because of her father who had a one hit wonder. I don’t think she is the best singer in the world like she seems to be treated like by many, many people. she has a horrible southern accent. she doesn’t have that great of a voice at all and is damaging her voice by straining her vocal chords. you can even tell in some of the most recent episodes of hannah montana that she has to squeal when she talks. and also, I think she lipsyncs. not to mention, she acts like she’s two different people just because of her show. I hate how most people refer to her as hannah montana. she is miley cyrus. HANNAH MONTANA IS A FAKE CHARACTER ON A TV SHOW. she’s acting like that’s who she has become. whatever, it pi*ses me off. she’s not that great.

Answer #1

well the thing is im a big miley cyrus fan but I personally dont think shes the best actress out there and not the best singer but she can definately sing. I think that she needs to move on from disney because its just making her seem like a child when I know that she has more potential then that, she should show people that she can do more than that, everyone hates her which I really dont know why, shes a teenager thats just trying to be a teenager but is constantly under the spotlight and cant do anything, I mean she cant even hang out with guys with the assumption that they are dating. I mean seriously I would hate it if I couldnt hang out with guys just because people think they are dating, some people like to hang out with guys more than girls , she cant even take pictures of her with friends or herself with out people calling her a slut. The poor girl its really not fair if you think about it , shes really just being a teenager

Answer #2

honestly, we all know she’s not incredibly talented, there are probably 6348763892 other kids out there who can wear fake hair, sing, and act in a mediocre cable television show.

but what makes her famous is all you idiots who keep talking crap about her. all you’re doing is giving her more publicity and spreading her name all over the internet. do you really think she cares if we say she sucks? no. because the more we talk about her the more money rolls into her lap.

oh, and for the record she does lip sync. she’s stated that numerous times in interviews. it’s no big deal.

Answer #3

Hahahaha what a ridiculous topic.

Miley Cyrus is famous because:


She’s a cute 15 year old girl. She can sing, I think? Disney has an incredible marketing department. She’s wholesome (UNLIKE THOSE DAMN HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL KIDS) She’s preppy and fun, she’s everyone’s best friend. She’s the star of a stupid show. She’s wholesome.

Answer #4

Well she did started from Zero , plus she got turned down more than once for the role, which means she worked really hard, and after she had the role, they still didn’t have the dad, so she took him to audition, for it, and he got it…

* I’ve never seen anywhere that she acts like 2 different people, she’s always trying to have fun despite the rumors people make up about her ex. the pregnancy, She is the biggest person at the end of the day , and to be some one “inmature” she does take all the bad stuff really well, if she was someone inmature she’ll be crying about it, but she doesn’t

Answer #5

She’s famous because she has a show out and the show is wonderful. Miley is just doing her job and I wish people stop hating on her. Let the young girl have fun.

Answer #6


I know because I watched the audition tapes and it was on “E”…

they told her she was too young for the part of “hannah montana”… and then she told them that her dad was Billy Ray Cyrus and they told her that she could have the job if her dad was in it too… so thats why she got the job… duh… face the facts shes a brat…

Answer #7

bcause her dad I guess!!an shes sooo pretty shes got her own tv show a movie..ect..ect..so yeah!! well if ya ask me I am her biggest fan!!! an I would love 2 have her num or sumthing so I could contact her!!!dah who wouldnt???

Answer #8

miley is proof of how no one but relations of famous people will get famous … I would be just as good as miley but no way would I get a deal with disney

Answer #9

She aditioned really hard 4 the role she has. It isnt because of her father. And she is Hannah and Milz because of her role in the show.. its not like shes goin 2 pretend she isnt who she is. She can sing very well.. dont judge her sayin she cant.. cause she can.

Answer #10

Pink Fluffy Bunnies! No need for name calling.

She’s famous because she is the current thing that girls between the ages of 10 and 13 (and sometimes a bit outside of those age gaps) are into. It’s a matter of public demand- the kids in this age group call for the lastest pop-tween, Miley is marketed to them, and they love her. Tastes might change in a few years, Miley might drop off the radar, and someone new might replace her.

People have their reasons for liking her, just like you have reasons for disliking her.

Answer #11

cause she’s an amazing actress and singer

Answer #12

Miley Cirus, Jamie Lynn spears, Brittney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Lindsey lohan.. (However you spell her F*cked up name) Started young in there careers and thought they were going to be big hits, first it was Brittney everyone thought she’s was hot young kids idolized her, then she started to go berserk. Then the bizarre factory where they got Britney, created the new plastic, Paris Hilton. She then got messed up too, drugs, super anorexia, ect. During the Paris Hilton years another even newer plastic was in the making Lindsey Lohan, she functioned well for a few years and did heroine later. To increase Plastic production the factory decided to make Jamie Lynn, and then Miley Sirus, Jamie Lynn ended up getting pregnant, now the factory is depending on Miley Sirus so they are using her to make money off of little kids and thus also influencing people so young to do stoopid stuff too, the stoopid stuff that she will most likely end up doing, like the above celebs.

And if it weren’t for her Daddy’s money and fame she’d have to start from sratch like the rest of us hardworking future Actors and singers. She’s not even that pretty for lip sync, why bother?

Answer #13

She doesn’t deserve to be famous, she got a nerdy southern voice. She is a terrible over-actor. Shes already got semi-nude pics out. Her stupid fame is going to her head way to fast and eventually she’ll fall off the face of the earth.

Answer #14

I thnk it’s partly because her father was a famous singer so it was probably gauranteed that she would be pushed into the singing industry.Then with the pure voice she inherited from her father it not also didin’t take long for her to get attention from agents for her singing but she was also discovered for her talent in acting.

Answer #15

Her dad was a 2-hit wonder who bought her a record deal.

ps-funadvice robot, her dad was not NEARLY HALF as famous as the beatles nor was he a beatle

Answer #16

I don’t understand why she is that great either qne there maybe some copyright things that go along with why she has to perform some songs as hannah but I don’t like how she uses both identities either. I don’t think she’s that talented and I don’t think she will be be one of those timeless artists. And as for her dad I LOVE him and he has more than one good song if you’ve ever listened to some of his stuff besides achy breaky heart u’d realize it’s pretty good.

Answer #17
  1. She performs as Hannah Montana. She doesn’t say, “I am Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus!” She has songs frrom the tv series that she performs on stage as Hannah, then does her own songs as Miley.

  2. No, it’s no because of her dad. She got the part because she was right for it. They weren’t like, “Oh your dad’s Billy Ray Cyrus! We HAVE to put you on our show!” That’s not how it works.

  3. He wasn’t a one hit wonder. He was a HUGE deal.

  4. Yeah, if you want to think she lip syncs, go ahead. But until you can prove it to me, I’m not believing you.

  5. Her southern accent is fine, and she can’t help it. An accent occurs from living in one place. A child hears people pronounce words in a certain way and they copy it. They can’t help it.

  6. She’s a good role model. Take it this way, she doesn’t smoke, srink, or do drugs. She also isn’t pregnant like a certain 16 year old we all know. =]

What ever you piss me off.


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