Why is Miley Cyrus so pretty?

why is miley so pretty??

Answer #1

She was born gorgeous! I am her #1 fan and I know everything about her. She is the most beautiful person ever born! I love Miley!

Answer #3

she isnt. Everyone would look like that when we have a mom whos a model and a group of your own personal makeup and hair stylists

Answer #4

Have you seen pictures of her mother??? Her mom, is SO pretty. Even though she’s over 40, she looks 25!

Answer #5

All the make-up and photoshopping and special effects and lighting in the world couldn’t make that hilbilly known as miley cyrus half as good looking as a lot of the people I know. And I don’t know any supermodels either.

Answer #6

all of you people who say miley cyrus is ugly, your just jealous

Answer #7

I have no clue why. mabye god made her that way and mabey it is make up artist and all that stuff. but it is wierd how she looks good in some pics but in others she looks terrible. if you want to see a bad picture of her go to niquehappy.com/miley cyrus. it shows her without make up and she looke like a fn gorilla. she needs help. plus im way hotter

Answer #8

Milly Cyrus kinda isn’t pretty…any one could just as good and even better with a makeup artist that has worked with you every morning for the past few years!

Answer #9

Not really the way she was created by God but the way the entertainment business created her. She is just a game piece..basically. Shes probably ugly when she wakes up in the morning like every other person is. And in the magazines her pictures are most likely airbrushed and enhanced with computers. Trust me shes not that pretty just another Hilary Duff want to be. No offense. And her life probably sucks emotionally because basically every celebrity starves themselves. When she gets older she will probably become a slut like Lindsey and Paris and by then no one will be thinking shes all that.

Answer #10

I think its just because of her makeup artist and hairdresser because I’ve seen her audition clip for hannah montana and I was shocked to see her like that!

Answer #11

Shes sooo F*cking ugly!! are you kidding me. she looks like a BUSH BABY. I don’t know why people like her so much and are obsessed with her. Shes not all that great at singing. And she has a fake accent.LOL I think shes a fake cause Miley isn’t even her real name nor is Hannah she’s Destiny Hope which is a much nicer name than Hannah and Miley.

Answer #12

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You’ll have to just ask the people that think she is pretty. My daughter loves her though. So go figure. lol.

Answer #13

SHES NOT PRETTY!!! its all the makeup, plus id rather be ugly than have her annoying a*s voice!

Answer #14

Let me put this in better words if someone wears make up there’s a chance they won’t look the same without it…unless if they were pretty without or with it.

Answer #15

It’s the way she was created…ask god lol…! everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way like her for instances, her smile & eyes..with you it could be your nose or whatever..i haven’t seen a picture but you get me…lol

Answer #16

Miley isn’t pretty at all.. ever seen her do her own make up EW

Answer #17

Miley is very pretty without make up. She has a set of great looking parents as well :) She does have all the fansy stuff celebs get, when they get famous, all makeup artist and stuff. She is pretty both ways and she has a beautiful personality as well :)

Answer #18

Sometimes it’s makeup- I mean have u ever heard the expression “Ya know… you look much uglier in person.” I’ve got nothing against Miley it’s just everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Answer #19

They spend hours on make up

Answer #20

ewww shes one of the fuglist girls I’ve ever scene and trust me honey I aint jelous she looks like a redneck pig!!! hahahahhaha and I rather shot myself then have to listen to her voice!!! plus shes a retard I can think of 5000,000,000,000 million gwargeos people and miley is not 1 of them

Answer #21

She needs plastic surgery for that chipmunk face and nose, braces for those messed up teeth, and to take off all the hair extensions.

She is a horrible role model, ugly, has a fake accent, annoying (I mean, she actually thought she could get Nick by practically stalking him), and a bad singer/dancer.

She is also very stuck up.

Answer #22

She needs plastic surgery for that chipmunk face and nose, braces for those messed up teeth, and to take off all the hair extensions.

She is a horrible role model, ugly, has a fake accent, annoying (I mean, she actually thought she could get Nick by practically stalking him), and a bad singer/dancer.

She is also very stuck up.

Answer #23

She’s NOT pretty. What delusional world do you live in?

Answer #24

She just looks like a little girl.Big deal. I have seen wayyy better. sorry guys.

Answer #25

I think she’s uuugly, personally :p And without makeup…ohlord. Poor paparazzi snapping those photos ):

Answer #26

She was created that way LOL… And she also gets her hair and makeup done really nice also…

Answer #27

she is prety when she smiles and when shes angry

Answer #28

I still think she looks like a malfunctioning-junior-Stepford-wife…

Answer #29

It was the way God made her and the looks of her parents like what a few of you peoples said.

Answer #30

I don’t know but shes gorgeous I like that song her father wrote event hough he wrote it 2 years ago

Answer #31

SHE IS NOT PRETTY!!! she is ugly and im sorry if I offended any one but she is FAKE!!! HER NOSE HAIR ECT!!!

Answer #32

born prety en her hair en makeup make her luk prety…wivout makeup shes terribal

Answer #33

she needs to fix her bottom teeth lol

Answer #34

I think it’s a matter of a opinion .Another man’s disliking is another man’s treasure.

Answer #35

ehh…ewww O_o miley cyrus isnt pretty…shes an ugly idiot that cant sing or act…and shes fuqing ugly!!!

Answer #36


Answer #37

ew what no

Answer #38

I don’t think so

Answer #39

It’s a matter of opinion.

Answer #40

Botox= new fad.

Answer #41

I don’t think she’s pretty

Answer #42

well they probly put cover up on pimples and stuff

Answer #43

I think miley cyrus is very pretty. But I have seen pretier. But also that is also just my opion. =D

Answer #44

Miley Cyrus is not pretty.

Answer #45

Wait, you do mean Miley Cyrus, right?

Answer #46

she’s not! She’s a little girl and she’s annoying! Angelina Jolie is pretty! This chick is retarded! I don’t know why every one is fussing over her! She’s on disney channel for the love of linda!

Answer #47

Well, she has a makeup artist and a hairdresser, so she looks pretty. I’ve never seemn her without make-up or anything so idk.

Answer #48

Shes average just fortunate to have enough money to fix herself. But whats with the huge horseteeth? OVERBITE

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