What middle aged celebrity do you think is hot?

For me, Gerard Butler (yummy), Clive Owen (yummier) and Timothy Olyphant (yummiest) ahh :D

Answer #1

I think it’s got to be:

  1. Rani Mukerji - Woman, I would walk the ends of the world just for you.

  2. Kareena Kapoor - I love your nose! :D Mine’s almost as big!

  3. Czarina - I can’t think of anymore people, so you’re on here just cause you’d be a beautiful celebrity.

Now as for guys, I think the winner of that would have to be Jake Gyllenhaal. Gah, he is so dreamy! :3

Don’t judge me. :P

Answer #2

Mmm Donnie Darko… he’s middle aged already?!?

Answer #3

lol I was kinda thinking Jake Gyllenhaal too but he’s only like 30 so I wouldn’t call him middle aged lol

Answer #4

To me, Middle-aged is 30’s and onward. So he does count to me. :) Yes, Donnie Darko! I saw that movie 4 times in a row, just so I could figure out what the meaning of the movie was. Creepy bunnies walk this earth preying on unsuspecting boys with the ability to see the apocalyptic future. :O

Answer #5

why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit? —- why are you wearing that stupid man suit? :P

Answer #6

LMAO I loved that movie. And if middle aged men include guys in their 30’s too then I also pick Jared Leto

Answer #7

And I pick James Franco!!! sigh

Answer #8

middle age, 40s.. demi moore and yeah for a bloke that gerard butler has a great body and very attractive face

Answer #9

Yes he does!! :D

Answer #10

How old is Russel Brand? I think he is HOTTTTTTT haha.

Answer #11


  • brandon boyd - perfect. You are perfect. We will recite poems together while experiencing antigravity. :O
  • fabrizio moretti - he’s not middle aged but he’s so hot. Mannnn. He should be banned in the world. :D
  • matthew gray gubler - he’s a nerd. I love nerds.


  • angelina jolie - holy f*ckin hotness. I worship her. LOL back when she was not that thin… I.e. in her Taking lives film :D
Answer #12

Matt Damon, he is in his mid or late 30s but is pretty cute in a boyish way. I had a massive crush on him after watching Bourne Identity and watched his three sequential over and over and over again…….I think Halle Berry is hot, she’s in her early 40s, has the body of a 20 years old and do not seem to age. With or without make, dressed up or dressed down, she always looks great.

Answer #13

Hugh Laughrie (plays Dr. House), Fairuza Baulk (water boy, american history x, the craft), Marilyn Manson, Jesse James, Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, Gavin Rossdale, Johnny Depp.

Answer #14

Angelina jolie in Tomb Raider ahhhh shes fricken hot :]

Answer #15

Densel Washington, and That one woman on “Lost”. Not the freckle faced one, but the one who was an “other” .

Answer #16

I totally agree on the tommy lee & johnny depp (J.deep oh man I had a crush on him since 21Jumpstreet if you rem back in the day! I went as far as actually writing him a fan mail…although I am sure his fan club answered me back not him! was totally awesome!) :P

Answer #17

Demi Moore:O how hot was she in G.I. Jane, bfore she went skinhad:D

Answer #18

It’s funny when I first read the question, Hugh Laurie sprang to mind first. He’s far hotter now than when he was younger lol Johnny Depp is a given! For women, Salma Hayek or Patricia Arquette.

Answer #19

I think Russel Brand is about 35. Yeah, he has something about him :)

Answer #20

have you seen salt yet?

Answer #21

no i was going to see it tomorrow but i have no money and its the last viewing -_- fml….my sisters seen it…but she only went to perv over her ;)

Answer #22

ive seen salt. It was a fairly easy plot, like you’ll figure out what happens early on. But hell she’s in it so i watched :D as said, she’s thin now :c i hope she can bring back her body before..

Answer #23

i must agree, she was hot in gi jane :D

Answer #24

Angelina is proper hot i think i have a crush on her :O and Kat Von D :’) i might rent it when it comes out on dvd :)

Answer #25

she’s my girl crush LOL alongside natalie portman. :D

Answer #26

The guy that plays on iron man and sherlock holmes, and george clooney, umm brad pitt..

Answer #27

aha :P Angelina Jolie and Kat Von D i would actually cry if i met them :)

Answer #28

I actually thought she was prettier when she shaved her head. It brought out her eyes more and she pulled it off well. G.I. Jane was so good to watch. I’ve been watching military movies a lot lately and hers was one of the first in a marathon of Jarhead and Full Metal Jacket. :D

Answer #29

I have to agree on Brandon!

Answer #30

oh god. Brandon is perfect. :D perfect!!!!

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