MGS4 iPod Songs??

Okay,well see,I occasionally listen to the ipod in MGS4 to boost snake’s psyche in a stressful combat zone.Now,normally I don’t pay much attention to the background music but two particular songs caught my attention and I really like them,but I have a few questions about them.

The first song that caught my attention was ‘Oishi Two-Han Sekatsu’ by Two-Han Princess.For those of you who have never played the game,it’s a j-pop song that sounds dangerously close to an ‘ami-yumi’ questions on this song are:

1.Is two-han princess an actual j-pop band? 2.If not,was the j-pop band just a fictitious idea by Kojima or is there an actual j-pop band singing here working under an alias? 3.If so,where can I find this track or album it’s on and buy it?

The second song ‘Calling To The Night’ was familiar to me as it came from the PSP game Metal Gear Solid:Special Ops.The lady singing the song is named either Natasha Farow or Farrow,I think.[the ipod print in the game is a bit hard to read]. Anyways,my questions for this song are:

1.Do I have the singer’s name correct? 2.If not,what is the singer’s correct name? 3.What’s the story on this lady’s background as a singer?? 4.Is there anywhere I can get this song or a sountrack that has the song on it? 5.This lady’s voice sounds familiar and I believe she sang the opening theme to Metal Gear Solid 3:Snake Eater.Has she partnered with Konami on any previous Metal Gear Solid’s,if so,which ones?

I know it’s a lot of questions,but if you can just answer one for me,I’d be eternally grateful.

much thanks =]

Answer #1

If it’s a real band or music group, it’ll be listed in either the music section of the credits in the game or the music credits in the game booklet. Usually, Kojima uses real bands but that lame thing is that they are almost completely unknown or are doing exclusive tracks for the game.

I just looked on iTunes and couldn’t find it, but there’s a link from a youtube video to rapid share where you can apparently download the track for free (you have to click on “Free” and wait 30 seconds to download):

Her name is Natasha Farrows. Like I said, Kojima will pick the most obscure performers ever. All I can really tell you about her is that she’s a Russian performer. You can try and download the track from a place called and do a search for the track- I just tried and I’m too impatient (so slooow).

It does sound familiar to the MGS3 theme, but it’s not. Cynthia Harrell did the MGS3 theme called “Snake Eater” (probably my favorite).

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