Method to pass a drug test

Has anyone else heard about eating a box of strawberry jello to pass a drug test? My friends husband smoked weed, ate strawberry jello [[in powdered form]] then went to work the next day and passed his drug test. I know she wouldn’t lie to me, but it seems far fetched. Just wondering because I have a way bad headache, and probabtion on the 12th.

Answer #1

Don’t Smoke Weed! Thats the best way to pass the drug test! And if you can’t stop get help!

Answer #2

just dont smoke. DUH! OMG you didnt figure that out yet?!?!?

Answer #3

no that sounds silly lol

Answer #4

no that would not work

Answer #5

drink a shit load of cranberry juice and sweat as n=much as possible …

fyi, the ra shop has a bunch of ‘’insents’’ that get you messed up…serenity is the best

Answer #6

Sounds like you got lied to - that does not work at all. There are no methods to pass a drug test - except for detox products (which only work for a couple of hours, and also, some places will fail you because your pee is too diluted).

Also, there are PLENTY of legal things you can take for a headache. You do not need to do illegal drugs in order to cure that. It sounds like your just looking for a reason to get high, and your on probation.

I’m on probation as well right now, I would never even take that chance and have to deal with the consequences (jail) if I were you.

Answer #7

drink 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinager about an hour before the test and drink a lot of water after. I’ve done it like 6 times and it always works for me. then once you pass the test go home and toke up in celebration. HAPPY TESTING!!!:)


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