Messy room

I need help on how to keep my room clean!!!I mean I can clean my room and it will stay clean for about 1 or 2 weeks,I’ll be lucky if it was almost 2 weeks.if I could get my room to be clean for about 2 monthes straight I would be so happy!!!please help me!!!

Answer #1

Take it in steps - every Monday clean up one half - every Wednesday clean the other half - makes it easy…Take care !!

Answer #2

Your room will alwys get back messy in that length of time because after daily activity without cleaning up that about how long it takes for it to be noticable.In order to keep your room clean you have to put things where tey suppose to be daily.And throw away the stuff you are not using.

Answer #3

uhhh well I think organizing with bins and little drawers and stuff is best. maybe when you have some time just straighten a few things out and put things away after your done. hope I helped ya

Answer #4

Well…most of the time my dad cleans my room…so therefore my room is usually clean but sometimes it gets really messy and my father wants who to clean it…ME!…so to keep my room clean for the longest I can and usually goes like this…I make my bed…because its seems easiest so then any other time if I want to keep my room clean if I throw something on the floor I pick it up when I feel the need then if I just want to keep it clean I just pick it up right away when I throw something on the floor..I really hope it help…

Answer #5

Haha I am the queen of messy rooms :]

This is what I do, after I change my clothes I usually just throw them on my floor, but put your hamper right by your door so before you leave you will remeber to put your clothes in the hamper. Also, put little sticky notes on the inside of your dresser to remind you to close the draws when you are done. Make your bed each morning and try to put things away. I know it is hard to keep rooms clean, but once you get in the habbit of doing everything it will be easier.

my room, very messy

Answer #6

like evry two days have a tidy up

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