What if i messed up signing my credit card?

You see, I just got my first credit card and I was so excited that I want to sign it already. And what I did was signed on top of the numbers (even though there was space beside it). I dont know why I did it maybe because of the excitement. So, you can't see it clearly because of the numbers, then I thought that there would be a problem if they cant see my signature. So, I signed my surname on the space without numbers or my first signature. I think I made it worse because the second one is not really my signature, its just my last name written in script. Here's a picture of what I did. Do you think its still okay? Will they accept it? Will I sign like this all the time until its expired? What are the consequences?

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Hey, great advice funguy...where ya been ??

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I have simply on all of my cards "C.I.D." When the clerk phonetically spells it out he/she then asks me to see my ID and I am happy. I have only had one really terrible person ever give me a hard time about the card in the last 5 years, and I think that guy was reading manuals about accepting credit cards. I have had banks that didn't blink at my non-signed card. Even if the card has a terrible signature, comparing the name on the card to the name on your ID is the most important thing.

I do this so that if my card gets stolen I don't have to worry about the bulk of most people who don't ask for ID letting someone who practiced matching my signature go on a spending spree. Signing a credit card is about as silly to me as writing your credit card number on your driver's license.

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I think it will probably be fine, but just to have a backup, go ahead and call to recieve another card - that way it'll be on the way and when it arrives you can do it right, then destroy the bad one...Good luck, don't charge tooo much and keep your credit in good shape (make those payments on-time) !!

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I.d.k because that looks bad!
can u get a new one??

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