Men who wear women things

I am a male who enjoys wearing women panties and pantyhoes and tights, Do women like went men do this? Help!

Answer #1

I don’t have a problem with it at all, but whether or not I like it depends on the man.

My last boyfriend dressed up in women’s underwear, and I loved it, but I don’t think it looks good on all men.

Answer #2

I think it involves more then just clothing. What a person wears should be no issue as long as they are not harming anyone. It is true that women have been able to express themselves more freely when it comes to clothing. Why should men not share the same privileges women. Although it has not been openly accepted does not make it wrong. You should see a person for whom they are and not what they wear.If you do not know the person then you should not pass judgement on them. When I see a man dressed as a women I wonder why they dress that way and wonder what their past has been like. I used to think they were weird until I found some people in my life whom were dealing with issues of a simular nature. To express ones personnal desires is not wrong as long as it does not harm but to judge someone you do not know is intellectually retarded.

Answer #3

Each to their own I guess. It used to be unheard of for women to wear pants/jeans…now they all do it. Can’t see myself going anywhere with pantyhose or panties for any good reason…but that’s just me

Answer #4

a little freeeaaakkkyyy

Answer #5

I personally don’t enjoy it at all but other woman do.

Answer #6

no, I dont like it, I dont want to be wit a guy that dresses girly im datin a guy NOT a girl, honostly I think its gross if a guy does, its one thing to do it a s a joke but to actually wear it…EWWW!!!

Answer #7

if a girl doesnt go out with guys does that mean she is L? if you r comfortable wearing these thats why they made it enjoy it buddy.

Answer #8

Haha. I am not going to make fun of your style because you find it comfortable and thats perfectly fine.But some Women like more of a manly man and not of a womanly man. Girls like boys who are tough,I know I don’t like to feel like I am dealing with a woman

Answer #9

I think it’s fine for a guy to wear girly things. I actually like seeing a guy in pantyhose. My boyfriend wears V-strings from Victoria’s Secret and loves them. I say go for it. Enjoy!!!

Answer #10

Not all women like it but,it’s some that enjoy it.You should do what makes you happy and if found a woman who’s willing to fully accept you.Just like with anything else.

Answer #11

I agree with Stephanie987 I find it unattractive But other girls might find it attractive=) It’s a little weird though… [No offence] =/

Answer #12

that’s just weird, not even kinky mannn -no offense l0l

Answer #13

no not all, woman clothing is far more the comfortable then mens clothing. wearing pantyhose is not a problem for me

Answer #14

gay much?

Answer #15

well hmm some of the things may be a little too far… I wear girls jeans and mimic some girls flare in how they dress and such also for our schools “dont judge me” day I wore a mini skirt ( yes I shaved and yes I wore it ALL DAY) ill tell you one thing im not gay if I was I wouldnt be afraid to show it because obviously if I can dress in womens clothes than im not worried about being judged. I DONT CARE. now regarding what you said. I dont think that certain things like girls panties and pantie hose and such should be worn… well not in public or really around others. maybe that you should keep to yourself kinda like underwear is anyway.

but I mean if it floats your boat. but really their undergarments were built to fit their bodys… because a bulging spot in the front…not so attractive, least not somethin I wanna see.

Answer #16

I am a male who actually wears womens panties also! Gay you ask? No not at all! I just enjoy the way they feel and the way they look on me! Also, its ok for girls to wear mens boxers and clothes but not ok for a man to wear womens panties!

Answer #17

R you gay? ‘cause if you wear that then people are going to think that…I like men who are sporty not girly!!! No offense…

Answer #18

I worn female underwear since 12 and do every day for over fourty years my wife even buys some as well wear shoes female trousers jeans and tops always

wont the same freedom as any woman has in there dress

Answer #19

WELLL my friend Nebraska… yes her name is Nebraska, is going out with my friend Ian, and he dresses up fully like a girl. You can still be straight and dress like a girl <= that’s to everyone who is going to tell you “ Have you ever thought that you are possibly GAY???” Yeah… well usually when a guy dresses like a girl it means that they want to sexually be a female, but that doesn’t go for every guy. HOPE I HELPED!!! .:!~!SHANNARA!~!:.

Answer #20

Um…well I can say that I would really be freaked out if my husband walked out of our bedroom wearing some of my clothes.

I really can’t see how a woman would “like” it but I’m sure there are a lot of women that would “accept” it.

Good luck

Answer #21

Some of us men actually do wear panties for fit/feel. I’m married (34 years) and have a 15 year old daughter. I just couldn’t stand men’s burlap feeling underwear. Gravitated towards the more soft and silky offerings for men by Jockey and the rest, but those were discontinued due to lack of advertising. Women’s panties are all that’s left for me to choose from. Nothing sexual about them.

Answer #22

I’m a married man that occasionally will put on something from the women’s section. Never in public out of respect for my wife.

If a man wears a woman’s underwear, I would highly doubt they are gay. Gay doesn’t mean you want to be a woman. Gay means you have absolutely no interest in woman. True, I’ve seen gay people wearing women’s jeans…and it’s probably because they just want tight aS$ jeans.

Anyway, just my 2 cents. As I write this, I’m wearing tight shinny leggings (can’t get enough of them…I wish my wife wore them every day), and women’s leather opera gloves. Whats up!

Answer #23

I dress fully as a lady and no, I am not gay. I just like the feeling and the look. I wonder how many of the anti-women wear trousers or shorts and I wonder how many borrow their guys jumpers, shirts or socks. At least I buy my own gear!

Answer #24

well somtimes but it depends on the women, And I agree with colethky.

Answer #25

Wow wintermute. There is always one know it all who wants to put down everybody’s opinion. Since your analyzing people you don’t know (but think you do), Lets add you to the equation. Let’s see, your the one who likes to seem the smartest. You think you’ve been in every situation and can actually bring an informed opinion to the table on almost any subject. What’s actually happening is that you simply look like an idiot and a jerk. So… How does that feel?

Answer #26

Regarding this issue, it’s interesting to note that the thread follows all the others on the same subject - Interesting that there are some who seem to quote “Most women don’t like…” - To those who say this…Exactly how do you know? Are you some kind of global authority on people’s opinions? And to those who have thrown the word “GAY” in there…Please, get a life…Most guys who choose to wear items of womens clothing are in fact straight - They are also more in touch with their feminine side, which I would say makes them a better and more rounded person than the masculine Alpha Male wishing to flex his masculinity from the safety of the anonimity of the net whilst he masturbates furiously… A lot of the comments in threads that follow this particular subject are usually responded to by younger women / teens who throw in neg responses because they have been brought up in the world with tunnel vision - I feel so sorry for you; And then of course we have those who like to throw the “GAY” tag around - Sad, and offensive. Perhaps you ought to crawl out from underneath the rock where you hide and open your eyes to the fact that we are all now living in the 21st Century! Since when did clothing start to dictate someones sexuality? If you feel comfortable doing it, then do it - As long as you are confident and can take the crap that comes with the territory.

Answer #27

well first off theres nothing wrong with what your doing while its not common, its not as uncommon as you might think lots of other guys do it too but unfortunantly majority of girls wouldnt like it or accept it although its all about personal prefereance and there are girls out there who will, even ones who love what your doing! however finding them isnt going to be easy but keep looking!

Answer #28

Its fine. Most of the respondees to this seem to be about 20 or younger and don’t know squat about the real world. So when they say “women don’t like it” they actually mean they personally don’t like it. It makes them uncomfortable because its something they haven’t come across before and too hard for their minds to handle. In the same way you can see from the posts that most of the respondees have issues with gays.

These are the same types who would have been hurling racist remarks around 30 years ago when they could get away with it.

Answer #29

That is strange, and women do not like it.

If a woman wanted a woman, she’d look for a real one. xP

It’s called being a transvestite.

Answer #30

well, men wearing pantyhose is not a big problem, because they are very smooth, silky, I enjoy wearing them . so I think it is ok

Answer #31

Most women don’t seem to like it, but some are ok with it or even like it. There are quite a lot of guys like you, just most of them hide it for fear of rejection from their peers (friends, family, girls, girlfriend, etc…) So you should know you are not alone, and its usually straight men that put on women’s things. Most gay men want nothing to do with women especially there clothes. So not gay, and fairly normal just not talked about.

Good luck to you in finding a woman that is OK with it!

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