Which is one of the most memorable train journeys that you recollect?

Answer #1

I took a train up to Newcastle (Australia) and the train had huge seats and tables in between sets of seats for families. I went up there with my family to watch a football game and we were talking crap the whole time and everyone in the carriage was in hysterics. Plus, my team won! So that made things even more enjoyable. An odd question, but I’m glad you asked it, lol.

Answer #2

I’ve only ever taken the train to Toronto. There was nothing memorable about it.

Answer #3

I’ve never been on a train.

Answer #4

haha, i wont go into details but it involved me and my girlfriend in a carrige alone for an hour :D

Answer #5

from Glasgow to Edinburgh with Leo (the dog) and the conductor snuck up behind us and yelled “TICKETS PLEASE” which made me and Leo sh!t ourselves and he launched himself at the conductor XD (i stopped him and everything was fine :3)


Answer #6

In 2004, I was invited by China Radio International to visit their country and, one of the highlights was a visit it Xi’an. This involved an overnight train trip from Beijing. The train was modern, and air-conditioned, and we had a sleeping compartment. Chinese trains are wild, but fun.

Answer #7

In New Zealand you can take a train journey called the transalpine express, which goes between Christchurch and the west coast. Its amazingly beautiful. I love taking that train

Answer #8

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Answer #9

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Answer #10

http:// pages.rediff.com/i-love-railways/77114

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