Is Mel Gibson's rise to fame falling fast?

With an ongoing investigation of domestic violence, recent DUI, and his latest car accident, we seem to be seeing more of the negative side of Mel Gibson. As a once renowned actor and director, is it possible for him to end his slump and regain his charisma?

Answer #1

the idiot publicy offened all these races like it was nothing. like he thought he had the right to. he allegedly beat up his gf, and i dont know what else. i imagine people arent be chanting his name any time soon unless its followed by “GO TO HELL”

Answer #2

I have to agree…i honestly dislike the man…I dislike his movies & dislike his lifestyle…weather or not he was violent or not is to be disputed against the evidence stacked against him or for him… The DUI is a common thing everyone that drives seems to get today from the stars in Hollywood to even my cousin who was not even over the 2% line…had a cop that just wanted to bust his balls because he could so he did…not a huge issue to be honest…but he has always been full of himself like a complete a*s…and i really resent his political views. With that said I hope he fry’s in the pen…(i really love the guy…NOT) :P

Answer #3

The more attention he gets from the press and or public about his views(right or wrong) the more he chances he has of being forgiven by the vast majority of the public. Better to ignore him and he will fade to the past and be forgotten. While his action have spoken loudly to those of us who give a ** about others there are ALOT of people who feel the same as he does(unfortunately) and will continue to watch his movies, He won’t fry in the pen he will be idolized and released like all the other Hollywood idiots who think they are above the law because their names have shined on the big screen.

Answer #4

i hear ya!

Answer #5

I hope so! With one his his (very nasty) comments on an American talk show, he lost all the gay crowd. I am sick to death of him.

Answer #6

This illustrates how much power the mainstream media still possess in this society… if you say something offensive to them… they will do their unlevel best to ruin you. I haven’t seen one photo of him recently in which he doesn’t look as if he is certifiably insane. I am much more disgusted by the gullibility of western society who take their marching orders from the elitist clique telling us what to buy… how to act… who to hate… who to trust… etc… via their media outlets.

Answer #7

So the fact that he provided the fuel for the fire is besides the point?

Answer #8

Sometimes we have to lose to win. I did. I cannot judge like some people can, because I have been where Mel is. My Alcoholism is a soul sickness and a disease plain and simple. For the past six years I have treated it , and even with all the work i do, My disease can kick in if I am not on my toes.

So, ya, I believe people are capable of real change. I have seen amazing shifts in thought processes and action patterns brought on by spiritual experiences and lots and lots of work on the inside stuff. Mel Gibson needs to do some work, So I will pray that he will start trying to act like the man that God Created him to be.

Answer #9

I think the punishment should fit the crime. It seems like our media are attempting to create mountains out of molehills in an effort to ostracize Mel Gibson because of his beliefs. You may find his beliefs abhorrent… but are his transgressions worthy of his ruination? Contrast his evils with those of Roman Polanski… who drugged and sodomized a 13 year old girl. Mr.Polanski receives nothing but accolades from the very same people. I find this to be an abysmal double standard… but I’m crazy like that.

So yeah… it isn’t beside the point… it is the point… people should be allowed to make mistakes without those mistakes costing them their livelihoods and we as the public are mandated with the task of ensuring that those institutions of influence don’t miscarry justice via the leverage their influential positions permit. We do so by refusing to walk in lockstep at their every beck and command. We do so by thinking for ourselves.

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