Why did Megan Fox say she hates Anti-America is this a rumor?

Does this mean she hates african american people as well?

Answer #1

Megan Fox is amazing. What she said was “ instead of {killing} the entire planet, can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?”

She never said anything about race.

Answer #2

well she is also saying that she hates and does’nt like black people right? The reason why I say this is because I have never seen her in movies with black people or I’ve never seen her saying hello to black fans even..that’s how I think she’s racist here.

Answer #3

African American people…I have’nt even seen her go near any black celebrities..only Tyrese Gibson that’s it.

Answer #4

No she never said she hated black people, you do know that she doesnt pick who she acts with right? You are not there to follow her everywhere she goes so you cant say you have never seen her say hi to a black person. Shes not racist, get over it.

Answer #5

Like Madcal95 said, she was just joking about what she’d do if she faced a real life Megatron that she’d try to bargain with it offering the groups who probably don’t like her anyway.

Believe you me, Ms. Fox has said some pretty wild things in interviews. Don’t get too wound up about this.

Answer #6

Megan Fox isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. She cannot even act let alone by the next Angelina Jolie. Ms Fox tend to shot her mouth off without thinking so your example isn’t surprising. Transformers made her famous and she still opens her traps and had a go at the producer. Talk about being an idiot.

Answer #7

“White trash” that sounds to me like she mentioned a race.

Answer #8

God megan fox -- what an idiot. She sells herself out in every movie just to look good. honestly if it werent for her “appealing” looks, she’d be nothing. and who cares what she said, she is as worthless as that crack smoker paris hilton…ugggggh i hate famous people --

Answer #9

:D I think just like you.

Answer #10

well first of all…how do we know that she’s not racist against african american’s not anti-america first of all? I mean it is true that I have never seen her admire any black celebs. I think she is also against Barack Obama too. Are you saying iif a black person tried getting her autograph she would’nt reject him or her.

Answer #11

just because their black? And she stated that she’s a republican conservative so that means she’s against obama?

Answer #12

megan fox is the prettiest girl ever i swear.

Answer #13

I heard that Megan Fox is actually a racist against african americans because she aborted a black baby I heard??? So this officially makes her racist against blacks? I’m actually black so she would reject me and turn me down if I tried getting her autograph i guess.

Answer #14

excuse ur self hr didnt ask if she was pretty!!

Answer #15


Answer #16

But seriously people you guys don’t think Megan Fox could actually be racist against blacks???? Just because she did’nt want to adopt a black baby?

Answer #17

ok…ok..ok I really don’t think this is getting anywhere..I don’t think anyone answered my question is MEGAN FOX A RACIST AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE? Does she admire any black celebs if the answer is no.

Answer #18

Omg you think everyone is racist, get over yourself. She doesnt have to admire an black celebs, i dont & im not racist. Get a brain please.

Answer #19

WOW! Madcat cannot be serious, because if he is, that is the dumbest bunch of BS I have ever heard. LOL. Is every aneican suppose to have a token Black friend just so we dont get called racist? WOW, I better go get me one. Dont want to be seen without my Black friend. people might start talking!

Answer #20

Ya, dude. How many black friends do I need to fit in your weird little world?

Answer #21

I.d like to get inside Megan’s Foxhole! :) Ok, this is creepy but I am posting it anyways.

Answer #22

LOL from a Christian man, that is kinda off mate.

Answer #23

Okay madcat95….everything you are saying, is assumptions. They are not facts. Just because you never seen her with a black person, or seen her saying “hello.” to a black person… doesn’t mean she is racist. “well she is also saying that she hates and does’nt like black people right?” No, she never said that, you even said it yourself that the reason you think that is how she feels is because she isn’t in movies with black people, and she doesn’t say hello to black people. Honestly, I don’t know if she is racist or not, but I do know that nobody can say she is racist based on whether she has ever been in a movie with a black person, or said hello to a black person. That is like me saying YOU are racist because I never seen you hanging out with, or talking to a black person. I have never seen YOU with a black person….so gee…you must be racist according to you.

Answer #24

WE DON’T KNOW IF SHE IS RACIST OR NOT HONESTLY!!! Only she she knows, we are not inside her head. You can’t just say someone is racist based on whether or not YOU have seen them talk to a black person, or act in a movie with a black person. Sheesh! ¬_¬

Answer #25

Omg…maybe she didn’t want a black baby, because she wanted a baby to look like it was hers…instead of adopted…that does NOT make her racist! Yes, she could be racist, BUT you have no actual evidence that she is…other than YOU have never seen her say hello to a black person, or YOU have never seen her act with a black person…

Answer #26

¬_¬ She aborted a black baby? She was pregnant….with a black baby….and she had an ab0rtion…. Is that what you are saying?

Answer #27

Funadvicelover, there is no need to be rude.

Answer #28

angelee27 i think ur trying to pick a fight? ur commenting on things i say. i said “EXCUSE HERSELF” not something bad, how did she even get off the topic …

Answer #29

Ya, I kinda fall off the beam sometimes, LOL. Its OK I love myself anyways. :)

Answer #30

No I am not trying to pick a fight…all I said was there was no need to be rude. If someone answers a question, and you don’t like the answer…or it isn’t the answer you would give…then ignore it. You could have said what you said a bit nicer….rather than saying “excuse yourself!”

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