Meg the dog who sits on her puppies and then kills them

How do you make the momma dog stop sitting on the puppies because she keeps killing them.

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Your dog may just not be a very careful mother, if you don't know what is going on and the puppies keep dying you need to get your dog spayed she doesn't sound like a good mother and there is no reason for their to be more puppies in the world when so many are dying in shelters.

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oh I had that problem you just have to move the dogs a lil away but becarefull the mother dog doesnt bit u

ok well please answer my recent question I hope I helped u

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my female pitbull also sits on her puppies and covers them it is basically her way of telling you to back off...and yes fix your dog obviously the whole being a mother thing just isnt working out for here so stop bringing these pups in the world so your dog or whatever it is is killing them

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Fading Pup Syndrome

What I also want to say is that if you are not seeing your dog sit on the pups. Fading pups look flat when they die. They Fade because they are cold or weak. Either lack of warmth or because they are cold they can't nurse and they die.

Individual pups are entire litters can die within a day or two from this. It has many causes. You mention they are outside. The pups could also have gotten a bacterial infection.

Fading Pups look flat when they die, the Mom is not sitting on them. They also have an arched look. Fading Pup Syndrome is a catch all phrase for the many things that can kill newborn puppies.

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No! you don't take them away, that is not the problem, this is common. You put rails around the puppy box. You have made her a puppy box haven't you? You are bothering her also. She gets nervous when you are in there and they do things like sit on the puppies when they get scared or nervous because you are in with the puppies.

Normally sitting on the pups does not kill them because the Mom moves as soon as she does it. I have seen them even step on them and it not hurt the pups. Where are these pups. Are they dying because they are getting cold? I know it is summer but the area floor newborn pups has to be on is 98 degrees the first week.

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TAKE THEM away from her! like call your dog(the mum of the puppies and put her in a different room while you collect the remaining puppies put them in a box or something then carry them to another room and let the mum back in. so they are apart

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well they were just born and they are outside dogs

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