What to do/say when meeting your favorite band?

Im meeting the maine on saturday and i dont know what i should say/do?!?! and when i get a picture do i ask them for a hug or just hug them ?

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You should ask for a signature, hug, and picture. Politely, not all creepy like.

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Yo! I'm here..

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Smile, be polite and patient with them, and ask kindly for autograph or a picture. Mention how much you enjoy their music, perhaps name a favorite song, and just go with the flow. Don't over-think too much! I’m sure they will put their arms around you in the picture, but if you want a hug, definitely ask :) Anyway, have fun! That is so exciting!

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I've met a few famous people and found that they like it when you just treat them like "regular people". Which is really what they are, they just do a different job. Also they are more likely to talk with you more if you aren't acting all star-struck and wiggin out. It makes "them" more comfortable when you just be cool.

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NEVER be that over sxcited teen thats obseessed be cool, zen

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Just tell them how much they inspire you, or just stand there, smile and try not to seem too startstruck (: Just don't over-think what "needs" to happen while meeting your favorite band! lol. I know the frontman of my favorite band, Jeremy McKinnon, has been known to kind of be a cocky a-hole, so in those situations you don't want to give their egos that extra little nudge, ya know?

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