Can masturbation with faucet water cause pregnancy?

I am really worry.its almost 10 days over to my actual date of period. I masturbated like 2 weeks ago but on that day 1 hour before i started doing it my brother went to bathroom .i am just confused what if he masturbated on faucet and i use the same to do masturbation with water after 1hour. I didn't insert anything in my vagina. Will it cause me pregnancy? Please help me am really confuse.
I am feeling nauseated and i thinking too much ??

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NO. Absolutely not.
Even if someone left sperm on the spigot / faucet, after an hour it would have dried and all sperm would be long dead.
Calm down. If it will help ease your mind try a test kit soon.

Also, guys don't usually leave their 'stuff' laying around. We know that it is a mess and we clean up to avoid embarrassment.

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Its a big NO. Pregnancy occurs when an egg is fertilized by a sperm, grows inside a woman's uterus (womb), and develops into a baby.

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Thanks but today after 12 days after my actual date i saw little blood on the tissue paper along with back pain and lower abdomen pain .what is it ?is my menstrual cycle finally coming soon ?or something else

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NO, you asre not pregnant, sperm dies quickly once it's released and even so, its going to have a damn hard time getting into your vagina if you didnt put anything up are not pregnant. your symptoms are either from your period thats comming or they are caused by you stressing out so much. try to learn more about sex education and things like sex, birth control, contraception, sperm, stds, ect

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Sperm have a short life span in the ideal vaginal conditions. Don't worry you are not pregnant, possibly worrying/thinking you are is confusing your reproductive system to the extent that it may delay your normal ovulation. Uncertain exactly, but my knowledge of the human body, this should not cause pregnancy. The mind is a powerful thing, so you may've scared the pregnancy signs/body responses into yourself.

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