masturbate how to stop

how do I stop masturbateing? im 15 and I dont want to do it anymore it just take too much enargy im a boy and I feel like im betraying my girlfriend so how do I stop? I was able to slow myself down but how do I slow down even more?

Answer #1

What ever you do dont listen to all these clowns saying masturbation is ok because its not, plain and simple. Ever noticed how you feel afterwards. Theres always a deep deep feeling of spiritual breakdown. A disconnection to god, the urge is never satisfied as the urge soon creeps up again. Masturbation has physical as well as psychological effects. just keep on praying and know that god reads your heart. He knows your inner battles. When your time comes you will stop. leave it to god and keep praying. keep trying to stop and god will assist you. Never give up. Just know that God is. God is all knowing and powerfull. Its extremely hard but not impossible. Trust in God, one day you will win your battle and God will see that you thought the fight and you never gave up. REMEMBER NEVER EVER STOP PRAYING.

Answer #2

hey goddeep…I just want to say…”IT’S FREAKIN NATURAL”. So dude, ask your girlfriend how she feels about it.

Answer #3

It’s natural, normal, and healthy. Unless you just don’t like doing it, don’t worry about it. It’s not cheating on your girlfriend. Now, if you fantasize about other women, that might be cheating, so you might want to stop that part, but otherwise, it’s your body- touch away!

Answer #4

Just work on stoping and it is cheating if you do it because it is like you don’t get pleasured enough by her. just when you fell the urge just go out of your room and go into a public place where you won’t even dream about doing it and you won’t do it anymor

Answer #5

the first thing is you have to see the reality that you do feel this way as it is easy to say society makes it that way etc( instead of asking why society felt that way). It is a spiritual feeling of the true you and acknowledge it. I will give you the steps.

  1. Firstly you must understand that the energy is not sexual originally but the true you that wants to reach God. It will be more clear if you study the metaphysical body in sites like Also watch sex the secret garden of eden on youtube.
  2. When you read all the material you will realize the first step is just to acknowledge it and be in the here and now just as the previous post. Then you should gradually decrease the time period between them and also while you are doing it if you cannot do it right away. But you must practise continance and not loose it in the act.
  3. You must then, when you think of the one you love, if you get aroused, suck it up( believe it or not that line has its origins here0. In other words you must sqeeze the muscles between the sex and behing consciously enviousioning white light energy being pulled up 1 chakra. You will be aware that this is where the energy is trapped and is not really sex energy but is misunderstood that way. Then you should squeeze the muscles below the naval and above the sex and just as previously meditate on the movement of the energy upwards into the belly then heart. You must breath slowly and completely. This is one of the most effective techniques.
  4. Another way is while love making or the act, you must practise intermittent urination as the male body tends to get excited on the physical feeling of urine in bladder and produce more. Under no circumstance should one continue when he feels he is close to orgasm, but go to the bathroom and urinate and maybe bathe urself properly and calm down. The you should continue in the act. Wether it may be making love, having sex or if you are solo, this is a must. You will thus regain strength as the etheric, mental and physical body are connected. IT IS THE NATURE OF ANIMAL TO CLING TO THIS FLIMSY PLEASURE AND DIE. AND THE THIRST OF THE SPIRIT TO TRANSORM AND TRANSCEND LIMITED HUMAN CONDITION [ OF THE MIND]
  5. If you love you’re woman you should under no circumstance imagine or enjoy lusting after anyone else. In fact one should slowly and truly as time passes even change from the perverted nature of the mind to catch a glance of everyone, even if it is seemingly innocent as checking someone out. If you do love someone else make sure she is aware of it and both women are not looking for settling for a prospect and you empathising with any or both of them, but standing you’re ground as a strong man who wishes to see reality If she leaves then she never loved you, if she doesn’t she acknowledges that a man can with practise do justice to more than one wife, because eros is within his throat and the male principle can be contained and balanced with the female, however within the woman the female is dominant and things are seen as a fact of life and so can relate with reality and God only through the relationship with a selfless man who is determined in a spiritual path. It is important that it is not you that empathises or infatuates her but her who makes the promises of loving after which she is yours till you lust after her or anyone else. These things can only make sense through direct experience. You are the devine principle however not conscious and the womn the creation principle and peace comes through union in hearts. Since they are different be true to your feelings and you will see for example her lusts for someone, though not anyone particular, or sexual encounter with a woman will make you insecure, or even in a sexual situation how her shyness is different from your insecurity. At this point there is a possibility for a tantric spiritual love and union or meaningless lust that makes you ignore this feeling and allows her to take advantage of this and making her agree, you will have mislead her too. In the end both of you will spiritually die. the difference will be that she is fruit oriented and you desire, hers self yours expression. to do justice is to become aware of this.
  6. Since men have more male than female in different amount and women vice versa, it is imporant for both to be involved in balancing them. I recommend yoga, and especially kundalini yoga, which can do amazing things to the soul. It actually helps balance, gives rest, strength and allows you to be more intelligent and conscious. After all this is a struggle to realize God, the struggle of yin and yan within both man and woman and we must deal wisely.
  7. Whenever a man feels like clinging to a certain feeling he should learn to seperate himself from it, learn to observe it unattached, cleanse the body and mind, practise to stay away from it without thinking of it in the here and now. The infilling of the holy spirit is recommended as it will help in every aspect of life and lead to enlightenment. Speaking in tongues edifies the heart chakra and I urge everyine to get this. I find that it leads me no matter which way I turn in life.
  8. One should mantain a strict regimin and try to follow it through and not procrastinate. He should be careful of the foods he eats as it is shown in, contrary to human belief, natural aphrodisiacs and a controlled yin-yan diet is helpful in the spiritual path. I start my day with a teaspoon of water mixed with gold, silver and copper particles. One of my weaknesses is mornings when I feel lazy to get up and follow the regimin. But I should remember the consequences of spiritual death. However one should stay away from artificial enhancers, alcohol and energy drinks. Instead he should go organic and natural as those work against alchemy and goal is to alchemize the sexual energy within the body. Aphrodisiacs like special blends found on tantramag that have ginseng, carrots, honey and ginger help give control over sexuality instead of bursted loss of male energy. It makes them refined and eventually allows sublimination, the goal of life leading to release of soul from conditioned space and time which are after all in the mind. One should avoid going to sleep on a full bladder. Also sinful foods like pork, lean meat, dog meat, and certain sea foods should be avoided as they will destroy spiritual perception and make man animal like. Do not over eat
  9. Every night and morning ask God for forgiveness and enlightenement. In my whole life of prayer, my last 2 years God made himself known to me. Before I was an agnostic. The difference was not faith in an external God one has trouble believing exists as he is right. But the longing, as we are within God and an expression of him. Think about it, we are through our desire, expressing ourselves( the second self is the devine soul or atman manisfesting through all of us, the holy spirit of unconditional love). God on the other hand is the ominipotent anti matter that allows us to exist, as conscious beings. Ofcourse the material world and all perception of subjectivity is after all within us.

good luck God bless

Answer #6

First of all, you’re not betraying your girlfriend.

its almost impossible to stop masturbating, but you can dramatically cut back. The best thing to do is to find something else to fill the time that you’d be normally doing it.

Answer #7

I want my boyfriend to see this

Answer #8

well get your girlfriend to do it for you=P

Answer #9

This is a common sin temptation every male and female battles. A Great answer is: got to a neat Christiam website. They have free courses on overcoming commons sins: masturbation, pornography, adultery, lesbianism, homosexuality, alcohol/drug/food abuses, etc… The courses work great, they are FREE. God bless.

Answer #10

I’ll tell you the great secret to stop masturbating. I read two books that gave me all the information I needed. Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain and The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Joseph Murphy. These two books work hand in hand with each other and teach, among other things, the principles to get in control of yourself-although they don’t specifically talk about masturbation-I used the principles there to overcome masturbation.

HERE IS THE SECRET: These books talk about if you want something, feel it as a reality now. Feel your goal, what it is like, everything about as a reality now. The feelings of lust and abstinence are opposites of each other and are like a door that swings two ways.

When I think lustful thoughts too much I feel the strong urges to masturbate and it’s like the door swinging one way. You have to push the “door” back the other way by concentrating on how you feel when you don’t feel like masturbating. Isolate and feel that feeling NOW. Concentrate on what that feeling feels like and REALLY FEEL it NOW. Its like a meditation, you focus on and feel as much as possible the feeling of what you feel like when you don’t feel like masturbating until that new feeling overtakes the urge to masturbate and its like pushing the “door” back the other way to abstinence.

It can take a lot of time though–several hours or even a couple of days. There were days when I busied myself doing brainless tasks so I could concentrate on that feeling of non-urge or what I felt like when I didn’t want to masturbate and I would feel it and concentrate on that feeling until that feeling overtook the urge to masturbate. I thought of a few specific times when I didn’t want to masturbate and WHAT I FELT LIKE and I concentrated on that feeling for several hours and felt it as much as possible until it overtook my urge to masturbate.

I pictured myself at those times and imagined myself at that point and how I felt at those times and I tried to feel over my whole body that feeling of non-urge or the non-desire to masturbate as much as possible. After several hours that new feeling takes over and it’s like pushing the door back all the way to abstinence. You just have to keep concentrating on that feeling and FEEL IT NOW. Overcome the urge to masturbate with this new feeling of how you feel when you don’t feel like masturbating. The two books mentioned above really helped me lot as they give a lot of mental exercises to obtain what you want.

I used this information to prepare for my two year service as a Mormon missionary and it worked very well for me. I could go several months or even a year or two without masturbating. Whenever the urge to masturbate comes now, I just concentrate on how I’ve felt at times that I don’t want to masturbate until that feeling overcomes my urge.

Prayer and reading the scriptures are important too. When you read the Bible or Book of Mormon you feel the holy ghost and that also gives you strength to stop.

Answer #11

Want to try something DIFFERENT ??? just do the following RIGHT NOW ;

1–chant ‘hari om’(hari as in HURRY & om as in HOME without the ‘H’) do this repetedly & a point will come where you will feel like you just want to close your eyes ( in that case case do it).At this point increase the number of O in om like HARI OOOM & then —HARI OOOM— & so on.when you chant this VEDIC MANTRA then remain silent (no thinking!,fidgeting,moving,etc) for an amount of time taken to chant this one mantra.this looks very very simple but its effects are very very very large (even ALBERT EINSTEIN would not had imagine it !!!). this is called ‘CHUP SADHANA’ & I learned it from ‘param pujya ASARAMJI bapu’.—>” “

also read folowing it will help remove all weakness from you,believe me millions have obtained benefits from it ,literally.

note: women durimg their periods are not to chant OM but they can chant HARI

this I say to you on basis of teachings of ‘param pujya ASARAMJI bapu’

Answer #12

For moral reasons I’ve quit masturbating for months on end. It definitely is possible, it takes willpower though, and a lot of it. In fact, after month 3 there were times when I would wakeup in the middle of the night from a painful erection, I felt like my member was going to explode. Not being able to sleep, there was nothing I could do to bring it down, it was stuck in the up position. Well actually there was only one thing I could do… lol.

Nowadays I do it one session a week. It doesn’t bother me because I like it, though I save it for times when I won’t be needing the energy or the testosterone for the day.

Some people mentioned above how to control your urges and “lustful thoughts”. Don’t do that!! I did it, and it nearly killed my libido. I had to bring my libido back by trying hard to think of lustful thoughts, now I’m back to normal.

One thing I find that DOES help in controlling the frequency of masturbating is to have one lengthy and very pleasurable session, which should put you at ease for the rest of the week. You may be making the mistake masturbating too quickly, and not getting all the joyful pleasure. You’ll be left not completely satisfied, so you probably feel like jerking-off a few more times over the days to feel a few minutes of good times. Masturbating in a controlled way for a long-time while trying to hold it in, even stopping before you squirt, will bring INTENSE orgasms when the time is right. You’ll feel so satisfied you might want to hold it all in a while so you can do next again time.

Answer #13

You know one of the things that bother me is that people make it seem like masturbation is a sin…It isn’t. You know really if it feels like your cheating on your girlfriend don’t do it anymore. It is your body and you should decide on your OWN if you want to to stop not go online and follow what every one else says you should do. Do what you want to do.

Answer #14

Look dude… you must be Christian or something. Masturbation feels good. That’s why you do it. It brings about fantasies while your doing it. Pay attention to those fantasies it will give you insight into your nature. You are not doing any harm to your girlfriend by doing this. Maybe occasionally you both can do it together! Double the fun. Dude understand that if God commanded us to reproduce there would be hardly anyone on Earth! God couldn’t fool around with such an important task (to populate the Earth). So God put in insurance that it would all take care of itself. He (she) made it the most pleasurable thing in life so that reproduction would take place. The problem is it worked too well! Now the population is exploding! So cum often, but don’t make any more babies! We have enough people. Just enjoy the gift God has given us. It worked

Answer #15

You can break any habit if you stop for 21 days. its proven. Focus on that goal and you will make it

Answer #16

DUDE! I don’t get why masturbation would betray your girlfriend. she probably does it. and it’s only natural. maybe you should try talking to her about this and see what she says. good luck : )

Answer #17

ok you really want to stop? next time your alone or whatever and your g/f is not around and you have the urge to NOT masturbate…pull it out put it on a table and hit it with a hammer. it will hurt too much to want to touch it let alone masturbate.

seriously man, the only way it is cheating is if your right hand is getting jealous of the left one.

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