How do i masturbate?

this might sound a little dum, but I was wondering how can I mastr*b*te??(im a girl by the way)and I need to know what an org**m is..please help..

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If you seriously don't know what an org@$m is then you either A) Haven't had that special talk with mom or B) Aren't old enough

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Sorry your mom passed, I didn't know. Sorry for being stern. :(

Well, I suggest taking a look at

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Org*sm is the sexual peak.

As for how to mast*rbate, do it however you want. There isn't a right or wrong way. Just do what feels the best for you.

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well i kno that my parents didn't tell me anything abiut s*x that it was just s*x and u make babys with it lol thats all my mom told me at 9 and we never really talked a bout it sfter that and when she passed i went to the computer for anwsers NOT my dad ( that woul;d be weird for me) but if you can ask you mom go ahead but for the other thing your finger, or a handle on an object, cuz i sounds like your parents wouldn't let you have a s*x toy (i kno my dad wouldn't)..

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be creative and have fun and dont use to much lube

How do girls masturbate?

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