How can i find new ways to masturbate?

I have been uber-horny lately and fingering is not pleasuring me as much as it use to. How do I get more climax if I cant buy anything?

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I used a hairbrush, and coverd it in moisturiser, you can also use a thick marker pen, just a pen, the shower head, a cucumber (or somthing simalar) and electric toothbrush, ice, your fingers. Sometimes standing on a chair, and kinda placing you fajj on the back of it, and moving is nice, ermm, pencils, the un-bladed end of a ruler, your foot, somebody else, knifes, forks, spoons, a pillow, a massager, a thin bottle neck, just experiment, thats what I doo, and dont forget to rub that clit (: Tell me when you've found somthiing x

ANSWER #2 of 4 house hold items have everwrked for
me.. vibrator really aroose me though use those!!!
there supper!

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Well you can use household items like if there's a hair brush you don't use and the grip is pretty thick and if you can break off the bristle part and cover it w plastic wrap everytime you want to have a lil fun. Of course a little bit of attention to your clit is neccessary. Just an idea. :)

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