Masterbating ideas?

I'm 13 and have been masterbating since age 11 and I love cumming really hard and having intense orgasms. Any tips 2 make myself cum like crazy and have huge orgasms?

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If you've been using your fingers on your clit, thats good. If you haven't had a g-spot orgasm, try that. Put 2 fingers in and curl them up against the ceiling or your vagina. Feel around until you hit a spot that makes you feel like you have to pee. When you find it, stay on it. The feeling to pee will pass. Put a bit more pressure on it and move your fingers in a circle until you orgasm.

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What methods are you using to masturbate ?

how to masterbate with no hands
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my fingers

masterbate with ice
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masturbate on top of activated washing or clothes drying machine


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