What do you think about marriage at 19?

Answer #1

I don’t have as much of a problem with it. To me it’s better than marrying like at 16. I feel if the people are in love and have been togethor long enough and they have lots of money to support themselves then I think it’s just fine

Answer #2

I would say do what you feel is right for you if you have a really good & solid plan for the future…not because god forbid you got pregnant or some other reason!

now if you want my personal opinion on the matter…then here goes… You are 19 for pete’s sake, get a career/job you want…when you feel you have saved up enough for an apartment, a car, an entire wedding & perhaps a baby in the future…then decide to get married while holding on to your job! If you rush into marriage w/o being ready for it…1. you wont be able to keep your head above water when it comes to the bills…2. you are going to be dependent on either your husband’s pay check & if you get pregnant then you will really hit it bad or have to ask for some support from either or both families or other help such as SSI(not that it is a bad thing, just stating a fact here!)

Now way your pro’s & con’s & really ask yourself if you really feel good about getting married at 19 for the right reasons & can afford that kind of lifestyle…or might it just be too early for ya at this present time in your life!

Remember, you have your whole life ahead of you….dont rush this…if he adores you then he will wait a few years til you are both capable of supporting yourselves & have a great job/career ahead of you!

hope that was an eye opener for you! good luck no matter what you decide.

Answer #3

I think it is fine, but only if you are both TOTALLY COMPLETELY SURE OF IT.

Answer #4

I dont see anything wrong with it, at 19 you are an adult. I know many people who were married around that age and they are very happy. My brother got married when he was 18 and his wife was 17, they have now been married for 12 years and things are going great for them. As long as its not an impulsive decision, and you have thought through it carefully, and made plans for the future then its fine

Answer #5

If you’ve been with the person a long time and genuinely know you want to spend the rest of you life with this person yes i see no problem with it. Just know it’s a lifetime commitment.

Answer #6

If your happy and truly in love, then go for it and be happy. Dont let what anyone says negative bother your relationship. If it does then your not ready for that kind of commitment. You will fight and argue throughout your marriage if you cant get over negative things.

Answer #7

Everyone’s different - some couples are just meant to be and others aren’t…just make sure the marriage is fr all the right reasons….I was actually getting a divorce at 19.

Answer #8

You’re an adult, you do whatever you want to do. Odds of it lasting aren’t high. But whatever. Odds of most marriages lasting in the west aren’t high.

Answer #9

^^ Couldn’t agree more.

Answer #10

do what you want, but i would wait and learn what its like to live with him for 4 years or so and really learn what its like to be with him 24/7 and also alot of people people are ignorant and they say they arent but then later they end up divorcing or something goes wrong

Answer #11

well im 16 now so we still got 3 years

Answer #12

i would say its a bit young, i mean a lot of couples get bored of each other once they start getting married and moving in,and then they start fighting. so in my opinion its best to wait and make it a special event a bit later on, but its your decision, you get married when you feel the right time to is

Answer #13

thanks hun, came straight from the heart! ♥

Answer #14

I honestly dnt care…

Answer #15

you only have one chance to live, and it could just be over in a second! just hope for the best but prepare for the worst cause you see parents fighting all the time!

Answer #16

as much as you hate to hear it but you are way different when your younger then you are older, sorry i am your age ive heard many storys about people marrying young and end up figuring things out about their love lifes and get divorced oor someone walks out. but ya there are some cases where high school lovers last but they know that they wait until they are legitly ready and can support themselves befor they support someone else. and ya i have a boyfriend but i know i have to stay with him for a long time to see if i want to be with him my whole life and we been going out for like 2 years. its your choice honestly it is but if you really want it to last you need to know how to support yourself and your life doesnt revolve around him cause that relationship will go down hill and if he does leave or you you need friends to go to instead of being alone and you need to stay with him longer trust me, most of my friends parents are divorced because they married to young and didnt realize what they got into because they thought they knew what love was

Answer #17

Like I’ve told friends and former friends, follow your heart but think about EVERYTHING before you do anything. I plan to be engaged by 20, I want to settle down early.

Answer #18

Age will never determine how well a marriage works out, its all about the individuals and how much effort each person is willing to put into it.

However be sure to think about the things you want to do in life and be sure that being married wont change your ability to fullfill your dreams, Also, make sure you both have jobs, because nothing will be more annoying then coming home from work and finding ur significant other taking a nap on the couch. Or, something several people I know are doing…get engaged at 19 and make it a long engagement so you end up actually married a bit later. It gives you time to settle down together as a couple.

Answer #19

well at this point it really doesn’t matter. . his family believes in arranged marriage and if they like me. . which they do it will be set for us to get married. . he was engaged at 16 before but he did not want to marry the girl so they cancelled it. . he loves me and i love him and we are taking baby steps towards the marriage thing. . like i said we have 3 years n if so we were planng to be engaged for a while so

Answer #20

i say go for it if ur in love

Answer #21

I saw you would be selling yourself short and signing up for premature aging and a mid-life crisis by the time you are 29!

I was married when I was 21 and we were best friends, never fought, no jealousy, got along great. But then birthdays roll by and you realize you are 24 and all of the sudden you start seeing yourself in new ways, in ways you never imagined. You want things you don’t have and experiences that you haven’t had yet. And you start changing in real, significant ways, and so does your partner. I am 35 years old. The amount of change I experienced personally and physically from age 20-30 were the most drastic and the most important in my whole.

The girl who promised forever when I was 21 was not the woman I was by the time I was 24, only a few short years later! He embraced the redneck part of him and became a country boy who just wanted to fish and work on the land and I became an city-loving artist who just wanted to travel the U.S. going to concerts and meeting new people. But when we met, I worked at Wal-Mart and he was in the airforce! I wasn’t even able to see who he was and I hadn’t discovered my own potential yet.

Yes, divorce. After a baby, of course. So now my son is 14 and his father and I still get along great but he lives in the country, spends his days with animals and his greenhouse and plants and he has a nice little country wife who dreams of nothing more than just having their farm family.

I hate the outdoors. I hate nature. I like dirty, grimy, city things.

Give yourself a chance here in life to bloom and flower on your own, uninhibited.

Get a roommate or two to help with bills and keep this guy around as your boyfriend, sure. But no marriage until after 30. You’ll kiss me for this advice later!

Answer #22

i think you would miss being able to flirt around point out hot guys, and the relationship could possibly get boring quickly because you guys are so young and are still experiencing things with friends

Answer #23

ehh but im not like you. . im eas toget along with n we both hate fightinging n wat not so we both juss walk away n come back to it later and discuss it in a proper matter even now when im only 16. . . were not having kids til im like 30 n whenever he wants to do something he asks n i dont tell him he cant do things i juss give him rules the same way he gives me rules if im going out to a party. . which more then half of the day im with him and we always find funny things to do n things to dicuss bout our relationship and what not. . . it all depends on what kind of person you are but thanks for your advice

Answer #24

my friend Amanda is getting married tomorrow. she is 19. i belive if your happy, and your family appoves, go for it.

Answer #25

well good luck because even though you think your the only acception it will most likely turn out like everyone else, so good luck.

Answer #26

ithink y= its okay if u think ur really in love iknow an older lady who got married at 17 shes been married for 57 years now

Answer #27

If you know that deep down, you can both manage adult things like mortgages, medical bills, electricity bills, IN LAWS, jobs, etc etc. basically if you know you can make it through all the bad at this age along with the good- go for it. theres is no age limit and FFS wait til you’re 30? No way. Especially if you are wanting children. by the time you are 35 problems can arise and fertality rate is alot lower. I’m guessing you want a bit of married life brat free. But if you have always wanted that dream wedding, do wait for awhile and save for the things you want or otherwise you may regret it later down the track having not waited. Forever is a long time.

Answer #28

if you truly love someone its perfectly fine

Answer #29

if you truly love someone its perfectly fine

Answer #30

That’s fine

Answer #31

bad idea. at that age people are still finding themselves. in 20 years you could both easily be different people. that’s exactly what happened to my parents. they were both completely when they were young but 20 years later and they can’t stop arguing, and have almost nothing in common. i’d say wait at least 5 years.

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