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so today I finished signing up to be a Marine. I’ll be going in march. I want to know if anybody on here is or was a marine?. First off you have my respect. Thank you for everything

What can I expect during my service? What type of thing do you do? How often do you see family? What made you want to be a Marine?

Answer #1

What can I expect during my service? Well with boot camp remember that everyone with you is in the same boat. They are just as scared as you are, and with good reason because you will learn things about yourself that you didnt know possible. When boot camp is over with you will be able to do things that you think is impossible now.
What type of thing do you do? Depends on your career path there are a lot of different options. Many of which spend most of their time playing war games in their repsective field. Also there will be recreational activitys with your fellow soldiers, (imagine enjoying a day at a barbaque and getting paid for it). Its a lot like a second family. How often do you see your family. At first its kind of hard, if you are married make sure that your wife understands this will take a lot of your time. In times of war it is really hard, fortunatly the democrats and the republicans are working hard to change that.
Why join the military. Its not for everyone, but when you go to a third world country you will realize just how great this country is. When you wear your uniform in a third world country, (the ones who are not trying to kill you) Will look at you like you are a super hero. When I was about 8 years old I asked my dad the same question. He said that he has lost count of how many times he has been called a hero. He died when I was 10 years old, and there is not a day that goes by that I thank God that I had him in my life for those 10 years.
Bascially durring times of war its hard, but during times of peace it is a lot of fun. True you will see the world for free, but you will also understand the improtance of our freedom. God bless and good luck, you make us proud!

Answer #2

I have just signed upto go in the navy in july next year. I went to a careers meeting in canterbury in england and it was telling us about everything. you have a lot and I mean a lot of training to do ( I have a fitnnes plan they gave me ill send it to you over fun mail if you like) also after passin you have to do 2 years as a basicmarine before you can choose do do a core subject e.g snipper. if you are under 18 you will not go on the front line until then. you can come home for weekends every few months or can even be posted closer to home. I wish you luck though as my cousin is out there at the moment and has gone missing :( either ran away because of was scared or taken away.noone knows yet. but when he comes home he doesnt talk about what he’sdone once he did but was sick after. he said he had a man coming towards him and he knew if he didnt kill him he would be killed. one thing they said was… are you willing to die for your country? think it through.

Answer #3

wow bad call, everyone I know who signed up to be a marine is really really different than they were before (different in a bad way) even guys I know who went to iraq in the normal infantry say the army removes part of your brain when you become a marine so look forward to that. thanks for signing up to defend the country but you may have made a decision you will horribly regret

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What can I expect during my service?exhaustion dizziness and nauseas.. What type of thing do you do? it depends on the company you’re in How often do you see family? it depends again but not often for sure.. What made you want to be a Marine? im not, my brother…seeing the world for free would be a good reason..

Answer #5

dont leave meee. :/ lol.


thanks for serveing your country for that your amazing :]]

Answer #6

well my one of my friends went to da marines at age 18.. right when he finished with highskool… he was alway cool and awesome.. but when he came to visit.. he thought he was better then everyone else.. I did get to talk to him… he said there was a lot of training and what not..

so all I got to say is, be PREPARED! and please.. dont end up like him, dont change like he did.

it wasnt a cool

but any wayz, good luck with everything!


Answer #7

Parris island? Goodluck

My brother is a Marine. Things to expect are 3 month training (boot camp) which you get a hella fun at. Sand fleas that make you want to rip your skin off, and not to mention one f*ck up and you’ll have DI’s down your throat. Pushing your body to the limit each day, you’ll definitely come back with a lot of muscle.

Other than that, once you’re out of training you’re one of the few and the proud. I’m sure you’ll look good in the dress blues. Thanks for serving the country sir. :)

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