Is Marilyn Manson the hottest guy in the world?

Is he the hottest guy in the world or not?

Answer #1

Are you kidding me? Marilyn Manson is one of the most disgusting creature I have ever seen. I mean just looking at him makes my eyes hurt I am not even sure if he is a guy or girl or neither. He looks like some kind of mutant ghost creature.

Answer #2

now these guys r hott,sexy,and sweet in so many ways!!!

Answer #3

no billie joe armstrong is

Answer #4

Yes he is hot. I love Marilyn Manson so much and forever. He is beautiful.

Answer #5

I donn find him hott hes kool but I like Billie Joe Armstrong

Answer #6

he has some good toons i guess… but he is an axe murderer when he is not singing…

Answer #7

I wouldnt think he’s the hottest guy in the world but I love his song- Disposable Teens!!

Answer #8

Marilyn is Sexy Goth.


Answer #9

Are you kidding? The guy is psycho!!

Answer #10

umm yeah

Answer #11

what the f*ck!!! you think hes hott I hate tat saten worshiping sick weirdo and he looks like a girl!!!hez not even near hott hez hella ugly if your looking 4 hott guys cheak out gerard way,pete wentz,frank iero,davey havok,and jade puget

Answer #12

I wouldn’t say he is the hottest guy in the world unless you are a really dark person. But snowboarder , Marilyn isn’t a murderer. Charles Manson is a murderer but not Marilyn.

Answer #13

rofl, marilyn manson, doesnt he have enhanced breast stuff, dudes a physco!! =p

Answer #14

I only like his song “tainted love” but he is no where near hot.

Answer #15

That would be Robert downey Jr.

Answer #16

umm no offense but not at all nick jonas and johnny depp are!! lol

Answer #17

hell yes he f*ing sexy

Answer #18

OMFreakinG,HELL NOOOOO!!!,hes not my type,but anyways he is sooo not cute or hot!!

Answer #19

I agree with everything nero has just stated he knows what he’s talknig about and also I love marilyn manson aka brian hugh warner so I could NEVER insult him but I know who I will insult ok, lets start with snowborder,”shut your f’ing face you dont know shiz about manson he’s NOT an axe murderer now back to nero I agree with everything you said except the fact that you wrote he/she to represent manson and heres a fact he’s a man!ok, the person who called manson a fag is wrong he’s not a homa bisexual gaywod or anything besides strait and I know he’s strait he married dita but than devorced but is now married to another woman named Evan Rachel Wood, so there proves my point he’s not a fag god d* why do people believe these horrid things people say it descust me that anyone would say such things that have been said about manson he’s a wonderful man isn’t psycho and never has been plus he’s not a murderer at all! he’s never killed a person in his life and also so that you dont get confused with the statement I just said,he WASN’T responible for columbine!the school shooting!! ok I’m finished with my opinion

Answer #20

Heck No Are YOU Out Of Your Mind No He’s Gay

Answer #21

marlyn manson is not gay, or evil, or phsyco, or an axe murderer. Nor is he the hottest guy in the world, that is johnny depp. But marlyn’s still cool.

Answer #22

I just love when people start placing judgements on others based on one or two aspects of that person, when they don’t even know who that person is. His name isn’t even Marilyn Manson, it’s Brian Warner.

I’m about to state my opinion. If you can’t handle freedom of opinions, stop reading:

First, amblessed, he’s not “evil”. And the same thing for the person who said he was an axe murderer. The name he used is to show a contrast, comprised of Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson. His aim was to relfect his opinion of what was the ultimate “light vs. dark” comparison. And what better than to take a pop icon and her image with a crazed murderer? That’s brilliant. His actions aren’t done to lead anyone down a path of darkness either. His outrageousness comes from that classic “I’m crazier than you are, here’s the proof”. It’s all a stage persona. An image. I don’t think he’s meant to be a role model, but then again what musician can really claim to be one when each is human and makes mistakes, the same or worse than anyone else?

Secondly, it’s insulting to me as I’m sure to a few others to see the term “fag” applied in a derogitory manner. There’s no reason to be so rude when answering the question. He’s not a transexual; he appeared in a video years ago with fake breasts, but if you knew what the song was about then you’d understand why. Symbolism, it’s a real treasure.

Marilyn Manson is like any other musician or artist out there. The only reason anyone says anything about him is because he has a huge act that he executes for his band’s image. But there’s also bands like Cradle of Filth, Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath, Gwar, Cannibal Corpse, Slipknot, and even My Chemical Romance who do things (whether it be wearing make-up and uniforms or biting the head off of rubber bats) that go above and beyond. So, it really makes me laugh when everyone picks a scapegoat because he/she is more extreme than another. I don’t think anyone who commented this question knows anything about Marilyn Manson or has looked at his lyrics and tried to see what the music is actually about before bashing him and the music he makes. And from the way Satanism was referenced above, there’s definitely no one who knows enough about the Church of Satan or the exactness of their beliefs to be making judgements about that, so. Honestly, it’s ignorant.

Now, to answer the question originally posted: I wouldn’t consider Marilyn Manson the hottest guy in the world, but he’s certainly not the ugliest and he does have a certain charm about him.

Answer #23

yes,he pretty much IS the hottest man in the world in my opinion…I think that on so many different levels. I hate judgemental people and if they would just sit down and look up his interveiws and read his bio and just see what he’s like then they would actally realize how great he is…he is a god!!! and he is very pretty and HOT! people are so ignorent, and uninformed…

Answer #24

NO way!! I am not a fan at all, I think he is gross, sorry to his fans, but I do. I”m not saying he’s the devil or anything, but I don’t think he’s hot at all/

Answer #25

depends what you like lol most girls like one of these guys, Im a guy so I obviously dont think their hot but their music is tight!

Answer #26

isnt he a transexual??? i think hes a fag!!! n freaks me the hell out if u wanna c some real hot guys look at my pics!!! i got a new song 4 marylin mandson 2 sing its called ‘’im a ugly deamon fag’’!!! haha tat ugly mother f**ker!!!

Answer #27

I hate marilyn manson. not because he’s anti christian or “evil” or whatever. I hate him because he’s a fake and he tries waaayyy too hard to be shocking and people don’t see that and they worship him.

Answer #28

Hell yeah mayilyn manson’s hot.

Answer #29

ohhh my god no way he is hot he scares the hell in me if I saw him when I wake at night I will passout ..

Answer #30

no its Robert Pattinson

Answer #31

in my opinion, he wouldn’t even make my role-model list…it appears much of what he represents (actions/character) is border-line evil and could easily lead one to a path of downward spiral in life.

Answer #32

LMFAO, he goes out with that Evan Rachel Wood chick off the movie 13. She’s like 19 and he’s what, 40?Disgusting……………He’s hideous anyways.

Answer #33

Everyone in this world has a different opinion. so asking people what they think makes no sense. it’s only your opinion that counts :)

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