People are so brainwashed against marijuana

yes I am a pothead so what?…I can’t believe how people talk without knowing…why can we kill a cow and eat it but we cant take a plant and smoke it???…its all just so stupid to me…weed opens your mind people…yes! and it does fuc* your brain a bit…but certainly not more than politicians and society does. so if you don’t think it should be legalized then you shoud certainly be againts alcohol and tobbaco being legal…weed was made by nature like it or not…it was meant to be lol…for good

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jaj! ok…whatever you guys say, I just wish you could c a more…happy side of life : )..but whatever…critisize the herb…c the world the way you want…I am not trying to persuade you to smoke…but I am trying to defend ganja and the people that use it…legalize it!!! : ) PLUR

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I think if the whole world has weed legalised then we would have way less bulls*it problems. You ever heard of a person on weed (without alcohol) that becaomes aggrsive? Nah people become real nice people its great!

We all know alcohol and cgarettes are worse. Weed is natural. THC is healthy for you, its given to cancer patients even! Legalise it!!

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Simply a Rose to brighten your day,         And maybe lessen the cares in your way;         And also, too, to help you to know,         That in knowing you, many others grow!

  I agree that it should be legalized BUT regulated just like alcohol.

Just because it is a plant doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have chemicals in it.

In rat studies it slowed the sense of time by almost 33 percent. It does affect the brain and your cognitive abilities.

I don’t care if you smoke it. Just don’t smoke it if you are going to be driving a vehicle, operating machinery, or being responsible for making intelligent decisions.

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Hell yea bud is BOMB

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because you obviously dont think about consequences. keep on defending it. one day you’ll understand. I’ve witnessed it firsthand. everything starts somewhere. it wont be worth it in the end.

& why dont we use our common sense??? looks like we are. it’s you who’s so idiotic to defend it.

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because drugs affect your brain, your mind, your way of thinking and your perception when people are very drunk, or high, they think that something bad can be something good, something wont hurt them, ect also things like crime, rape, fights increase many people die for reasons that could have been avoided you shouldnt spend your life trying to get away from it life is what you make it…but if you want to spend your life high thats up to you

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wow. good job convincing yourself. people trying to inform you are only trying to help you. get addicted. try more stuff, cause it doesnt work anymore. and ruin your life. it’s on you. not anybody else… hope it all works out very well for you.

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never tried marjuana but I want to. uhm I agree with you I think they should make it legal because its part of nature and if it was soo bad they wouldn’t allow it in other countries or states.

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yeah..okip, I bet it sux to know you have no control over what you think…o yes because I smoke ganja I am going to try crack and then heroine and im going to die!!! why do you people have to make it so complicated?? why don’t you use your actual common sense??…its a herb!!! not chemical like alcohol!…why don’t you look the number of deaths it has caused? not to mention tobbaco!..but whatever really..I am still going to be high as a kite : )

Answer #10

yea watch the movie SUPER HIGH ME it proves marijuana has no effect on the body brain or I.Q. and yes alcohol is worse I used to be a MAJOR alcoholic at 17 and my friend and I got into a drunk driving accident and my friend killed me… I stopped drinking pretty much but she hasnt…it has basically ruined her life now. I stillsmoke weed and im living on my own with my boyfriend, I got my own nice a$s car…and I dont even gotta work I sell weed im smoking a blunt right now and I love it stop talkin aboiut something you know nothing about. it is harmless…

Answer #11

Determined to find out the true effects of marijuana on the human body, stand-up comedian and former Stoner of the Year Doug Benson documents his experience avoiding pot for 30 days and then consuming massive amounts of the drug for 30 days. More than just an amusing story of one man’s quest to get superhigh, this documentary also examines the hotly contested debate over medical marijuana use.

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Uhm, I´m guessing you sholud not smoke because… well I don+t know… IT´S ADDICTIVE AND CAN PUT YOU AND OTHERS IN DANGER. Do you really think that if you start driving while your high that everythings going to be normal, and that you´ll be better than ever? NO, you put yourself in danger and several, innocent people who have´nt done a crap to deserve it and never tried pot.

Mu aunt died in a carcrash because of some psycho drove right into her while she was high on marijuana. And the stupid pothead survived. while my aunt didn´t. Her baby was in the car, and today she can´t rember her own mom.

So everything you stand for is in my opinion a bunch of crap!

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ya because we are cool and they are LAME

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Answer #15

umm actually you need to re-check your facts because it is harmful and actually I am against tobacco and alcohol being illegal! so shut up and stop trying to convince yourself and others that marajuana is good because its not!

Answer #16

lmao… please go look for real information…juts by the name of that website I can tell its like many others influenced by the government…: ) are you sure its true? or just because its what they say you believe it?..wakeup! your seeing what they want you to see. please go look for information in all websites..luckly there are some that actuanlly tell you the real ups and downs aout marijuana…good luck! and PLUR

Answer #17

yea theres so much misleading information out there people are so ignorant, weed isnt for everyone tho just like coffee isnt for some people or cigarettes rnt for some people I strictly smoke weed, no cigs nothing that is processed, im all natural its made me a better person overall and uh no it doesnt fvck up your brain it regulates everything in your body its under us patent as an antioxidant

These are some of the comments I have copied from a forum

-pharmaceuticals are known to kill more people than illegal drugs

-marijuana is the number 1 cash crop in the world it serves as a natural medicine and has many other uses thats why they prohibited it so big companies can make more profit thanks to “bad journalism”

-can also help aids patients, aids diminishes appetite have them smoke a joint and they regain their appetite counteracting the illness

-no one can die from smoking cannabis and has been no known deaths compared to everything else including alcohol, tobacco, etc..

I myself have asthma and smoking opens up my airways making it easier to breathe with no side effects when medically legalized in my state I look foward to becoming a patient for prescription marijuana. 12 states have already legalized it along with other countries in the world and more following my job is to educate people that are not aware of the plants uses


-I did most of my research through websites, books, magazines, and the news high times magazine etc..

  • theres more to it than just getting high and I believe legalizing it would make this a better world to live in

-God bless the whole crop!

  • and for people that dont smoke, you dont need to smoke it to support it

-all the better reason for the government to legalize.. couple reasons why it should be legalized: -will be removed from black market and stop empowering gang members -medical reasons -would be sold like alcohol, remember alcohol was once prohibited too (in stores away from children, have to be 21+) -would be a law that you cant drive while intoxicated on weed -prison population would lower (prisons are overcrowding with nonviolent offenders) -keep patients from being convicted -would provide millions of jobs for people -would make us an independent country (fuel, etc.., debt free america)

people with an addiction (including hard drugs) shouldnt be thrown in jail, they need help theres more people in jail with mental illnesses than there are in mental institutions

the list goes on

  • the War on Drugs is a failure, its a war on its own people. policies need to be changed we pay billions in taxpayers money to keep the war going and neither side is winning thats just a waste of our tax money I wonder what they do with all that money.. those greedy bastards just sell drugs back onto the street, you can even check urself on that there was a time when there was a cia operation transporting drugs overseas into america the government also provided Rick Ross with plenty of heroin to go around, course making money from it

the truth must be exposed, theyre dirty work must stop!

-Of course we can do something about it, we all just need to unite screw the federal government remember slavery? if no one stood up im pretty sure it would still be going on people were tortured, beaten, killed and thrown in jail but that didnt stop them standing up for their rights eventually slavery was abolished same with alcohol prohibition eventually became re-legalized

  • its like theres some kind of conspiracy going on I sense the government is up to no good and trying to control us. credit cards, money, and now they have chips that can be implanted in skin for uselful reasons but if in the wrong hands well were pretty much fuct they hiding the truth from us its dangerous to be right when the government is wrong they got theyre privacy but we dont. they want to know everything were doing on our leisure time

get up stand up!

  • marijuanas not anti-establishment because its illegal, its illegal because its anti-establishment

all facts stated have been double-checked and confirmed what more info? lets all make this a better place to live in!

Answer #18

Marijuana is both emotionally and mentally addictive. Once an individual becomes addicted to marijuana it develops into part of who they believe themselves to be. Avoiding their friends who do not use, the addict will gravitate to others that do. Marijuana is a topic that is always on their mind, whether it be thinking about the next time they will be able to get high or where their going to get their next sack. When someone is addicted to marijuana eventually their friends and the people close to them only know how they act when their stoned because they no longer do anything without first smoking. Their constant abuse is due to the misconception that marijuana is what they need to solve their problems. Sometimes addicts will take their stash with them wherever they go, just in case an opportunity arises and they are able to take a couple hits. They may even go through several dealers in order to make sure they always have a constant supply of marijuana - For assistance Call 1-800-405-8409:

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